Hell again

Films made depicting the genital infections and lacerations of the children – stated by medical staff to be venereal disease – were touted as proof of curses levied by God against Jews for their depravity, for fornication with their own children and for teaching Jew baby dogs depraved behavior, for not being smart enough or old enough to convince their stupidly hopeful parents there were no heroes, no guardian angels, no one to help.

The Children of the Holocaust were frozen, then warmed, the process repeated so medical staff could watch and document the effects and length of “recovery” or death to determine the German Armies ability to survive brutal winter conditions combined with starvation in the service of the Motherland. The children’s heads were used as soccer balls. Dahmer used them as candle holders and ashtrays. The children were herded with their mothers into beautiful spring fields of blooming wildflowers and ordered “Run Jew Dog!! Run!!” then shot, their corpses hauled onto wood carts pulled by adult Jew dogs back to the burning pits.

Often these types of “orderly” executions were carried out in theaters for visiting dignitaries and diplomats. These Roman gladiator style games were accompanied by massive elegant feasts replete with ample and varied libations and concerts of classical music written and composed by Jews – all of whom were rounded up and executed with, hopefully, all traceable living lineage hunted down and erased. The compositions, sonatas, concertos, artwork of every genre were burned when the nightmare began a lifetime ago on Kristallnacht, September 1, 1939.

It is now 2011. A new millennium — and nothing has changed.

Thank you for returning my gift. Love, God

We merely moved the brutalization, rape, prostitution, and slaughter of children from the theaters of Europe to the homes of America where a child is viciously victimized every 10 seconds: 6 a minute. 360 per hour. 8640 per day. 259,200 children per month. And a staggering 3,110,400 children PER YEAR are abused, more than half are murdered as a result of this abuse. These children endure as much torture, pain, shame, degradation, humiliation, sexual abuse, starvation, and sexual exploitation as did the Jews during the Nazi Holocaust of World War II.

More than the average, decent human psyche can conceive or imagine being inflicted on anyone, lest of all a child, and a child you brought into the world.

Thousands upon thousands of these children, including infants as young as birth, have been raped and sodomized to death. This has now become a global epidemic to surpass any caused by disease of any type, including typhus and the Black Plague of the Middle Ages.

Less than 30% of all reported cases of child abuse and molestation are ever investigated, meaning the 3 million children annually we know about are only 1/3 of the actual total. There is still another 9 million children we don’t know about or ever hear about. Few are ever truly vindicated.

We become survivors when we refuse to die at the hands of our victimizers.

This is America’s New Holocaust

We don’t want to be dead. We often, most days throughout our abuse, wish we hadn’t been born. We sometimes pray God will take us to Him so the pain will stop. We always, always, every second of every day of every week of every month that we manage to hang onto our lives, pray the abusers really, really and truly will get maggot crawling DEAD.

We don’t want raped. We don’t want sodomized. We didn’t even want to know what those words meant when we were 4 months old, or just born, or when we were two like Brelynn, or really not at no age. But we do.

We do now that is.



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