Camron and “Mike Mike”


From Dad

© Richard Burge

I never thought I could love someone
The way that I love you…..
I’m completely fascinated
With everything you do…..

I don’t regret a moment with you
Whether good or bad…..
You have made my life complete
The best life a guy could have…..

You might not ever notice
Everything I do…..
But everything I’m doing
Is for no one else but you…..

My goal in life is simple
It’s to be your father first…..
To protect, defend, and love you
When you are at your worst…..

I know when you grow older
You won’t want me anymore…..
If you ever need me though
I’ll be waiting at the door…..

Promise you will come to me
With any problem that you have…..
I’ll always be right here for you
I love you both! Love, Dad

Laquisha Mosby and Shawn Martin - the monster in Momma's Bed

June 16, 2010

LOUISVILLE, Ky.  — Laquisha Mosby, 28, has been charged with First Degree Criminal Child Abuse, First Degree Wanton Endangerment of a Minor Child, and tampering with evidence in the non-fatal shooting of her 3-year-old son, Camron. Mosby deliberately waited two hours before calling paramedics in order to allow her house guest, Shawn Martin, to gather his personal belongings and escape the apartment.

A court order was served months ago forbidding Shawn Martin to have any contact with the boy or to be anywhere the boy happened to be, including with his mother, as a result of child abuse inflicted at the hands of Shawn Martin in 2009. Charges will be filed against Shawn Martin. The boy has been taken into Child Protective Services custody — AGAIN!.

Both Shawn Martin and Laquisha Mosby are repeat felons and appear as remorseful as cobras over the shooting of Camron.

June 6, 2010


Andre Clay Russell, Jr., 29

Andre Clay Russell, Jr., 29, was given a 55 year sentence in a plea bargain deal with the state District Attorney’s office for the brutal murder of his girlfriend’s three year son, Charles “Mike Mike” Bradley, on August 7, 2009. The plea deal allowed Andre Russell to plead guilty to one count of child abuse resulting in death and another count of First Degree child abuse in exchange for the prosecutor dropping the remaining three charges including that of First Degree Murder.

Charles “Mike Mike” Bradley, age 3, was beaten so badly before being tossed into the basement of the home where his mother’s boyfriend — a convicted child sexual predator on the Maryland Sex Offenders Registry — that medical personnel stated it appeared the boy had been run over with a vehicle. In addition to broken ribs and obvious signs of past physical abuse, Charles Bradley also sustained a ruptured liver and pancreas.

Andre Clay Russell, Jr., had been babysitting “Mike Mike” for some time, in direct violation of his parole regulations and those established under the Sex Offenders Act on both state and federal levels. In addition, there was a 10 year old girl unrelated to either Russell or his girlfriend, Orielle Baker, residing in the home. At the time of the murder, Orielle Baker, “Mike Mike”‘s mother, was in the hospital for a never disclosed “illness”.

Orielle Baker knew Andre Russell, Jr., was a repeat convicted child sex offender with a long history of violence and never should have been near him. Nor should Russell’s parole officer allowed to get away with violations of the sex offenders laws by being around any children. As the boy’s mother, it was Orielle Baker’s responsibility to report the abuse of her son to the authorities and to the DA’s office. She should have been charged, at the least, for neglect and reckless endangerment of a minor child.

If Russell was not reporting in, a bench warrant should have been issued for his arrest. If he was not reporting his current address and not being monitored by those charged to do so under state and national sex offender laws then those individuals charged with supervising registered sex offenders should also have been charged with crimes relating to the repeat abuse of and the ultimate murder of three year old Charles “Mike Mike” Bradley.

Everyone failed “Mike Mike”

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