United States Legislative History

Kids Act of 2008: Relative SORNA Provisions:

 42 USC 16901: Declaration and Purpose of Law

 Federal Sex Offender Legislation:

Enacted as part of the Omnibus Crime Bill of of 1994, the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and the Violent Offenders Registration Act establishes guidelines for sex offenders to register on both a state and federal level. This law also requires all 50 states and Puerto Rico to keep track of sexual and violent offenders by confirming their place of residence for ten years after their release from prison for the sexual crimes and quarterly for the rest of their lives when released for violent crimes. These laws are not optional. They are mandated.

1996 Megan’s Law: Provides for registration of sexual offenders and the sharing of information jurisdiction to jurisdiction on both a state and federal level. It is not an option. It is the law.

1996: Pam Lyncher Law: Required the federal government to establish a national data base for the tracking and sharing of information concerning sexual predators. If said offender is residing in a state with minimal ability to keep track of him/her for the required period of ten years, or life if also convicted on a Violent Crime charge, then said felon MUST register with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and said felon becomes both the responsibility of local and federal agencies.

1997: The Jacob Wetterling Improvements Act:

1998:  Protection of Children from Sexual Predators Act: Prohibits federal funding to programs which allow prisoners and released predators access to the Internet. This law also establishes mandates concerning pornography of any type on the internet, regardless of the provider or its location.

2003: The PROTECT Act: A US law mandated to PREVENT the abuse and sexploitation of children. Provisions are established in this federal law requiring a life sentence be handed down to a sexual predator with a previous conviction (ONE previous conviction, not 20 or more; NOT upon the discretion of the judge and the DA or the Board of Directors of Anheuser-Busch, or the amount of payoff Saudi Arabia is willing to hand out to the CIA and federal agencies to cover their child rapists at ARAMCO in Houston)

United Nations Covenants  2000-2001

The Rights of The Child

The Committee on The Rights of The Child is the body of independent experts who monitor the implementation of the Convention of the Committee on the Rights of the Child by its state agencies ( “state” meaning each individual country member of the United Nations). It also monitors two independent protocols of the Convention: involvement of children in armed conflict (which would apply to all the Nations of Islam who are members of the United Nations) and on the trafficking, enslavement, and sexual and physical abuse of children ( which also applies to all member nations, including Saudi Arabia and the United States. These protocols also cover cyber-sexploitation of children and the promotion thereof)


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