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July 31, 2008

Jury Selection to Begin for Murdered 4 Week Old Girl

China Arnold. Murdered Infant Daughter, August, 2005

“She just fit right in . . . . ” the microwave

DAYTON, Ohio — Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a woman accused of killing her 1-month-old daughter by burning the child in a microwave oven. If convicted of aggravated murder, China Arnold, 27, could face the death penalty. Police investigators believe Arnold killed 1-month-old Paris Talley by putting her in a microwave at her Dayton home in 2005. Coroner’s officials said the baby suffered high-heat internal injuries and had no external burns. They have ruled out scalding water, open flame or other possible causes of death that could have damaged the skin. Defense attorney Jon Paul Rion has said Arnold had nothing to do with her daughter’s death and was stunned when investigators told her that a microwave might have been involved. Arnold took the baby to the hospital after finding her unconscious and does not know how she died, Rion said.

Visiting Judge John Kessler began questioning potential jurors in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Monday, asking them if they would be able to serve at a trial that may last three weeks. During a pretrial hearing in July, police Detective Michael Galbraith said Arnold told him she arrived home in the early morning hours after drinking, fell asleep and was awakened at 2:30 a.m. by the baby’s crying. She said she warmed a bottle in the microwave oven, tried to give it to the baby, changed the child’s diaper and then fell asleep on the couch with the baby on her chest. Arnold said she and her children were the only ones in the apartment until her boyfriend arrived several hours later and noticed something was wrong with the baby.

Galbraith said Arnold told him: “If I hadn’t gotten so drunk, I guess my baby wouldn’t have died.” When cross-examined by Rion, Galbraith acknowledged that Arnold told him she did not know how the baby suffered the burns and that she had nothing to do with it that she could recall.

Earlier this month, defense witness Robert Belloto, a staff pharmacist at Good Samaritan Hospital, testified he does not believe it would have been possible for Arnold to place the baby in the microwave because the woman was so intoxicated. Belloto said China Arnold told him she had consumed about 40 percent of a pint of high-proof rum in 90 minutes. But he acknowledged that he had no other corroboration for her claim.

She was not drunk or stoned when she committed the crime, or decided to blame an older child. She may have boozed it up while the baby was cooking.

Wonder if she read the same online stories I’ve read over the past three years of aborted fetuses, up to near birth, being considered a marketable food delicacy in China? No. True story. Even a cookbook available. With photos. Sold the foodstamps, did she?

She was also peeved with the baby’s father.

Newport News Mother gets 23 Years for Prostitution of Daughter

A Newport News mother who allowed a man to sexually abuse her 10-year-old daughter during a drug binge at a Hampton motel was sentenced Friday to 23 years behind bars. Toward the end of the five-day crack and heroin binge, the woman and her companion, Joe Arthur Slade, went to pick up the woman’s daughter at a residence, with Slade promising to take her shopping the next day. Back at the motel, the woman performed oral sex on Slade and taught her daughter how to do it. The woman then stood by getting high in the bathroom as the daughter did the same to Slade. Later, Slade, now 60 — who provided the drugs during the binge — returned to revictimize the child.

The woman, a 38-year-old mother of five, pleaded guilty in a separate courtroom in Hampton Circuit Court to forcible sodomy, conspiracy to commit sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and child prostitution. She faced up to life in prison on the charges, with state sentencing guidelines calling for 7 – 23 years. She also had 49 years suspended.

Due to the age of the victim, the mother’s name was not released – alledgedly to protect the girl. Odds are their last names are the same because the mother has no clue who the father is, he’s never paid child support, he was probably a ‘john’. Little bit late to now be concerned over protecting the child. Sounds to me like the system is still protecting the whore who pimped her daughter for a $20 rock of crack. She has before this incident, just as the creep she pimped the child to was a repeat felon with both drug and child molestation convictions.

Because She Wet Her Pants!

September 9, 2011, Dallas, Texas

Elizabeth Escalona, 22, is facing multiple charges of child abuse and possible homicide in the brutal beating of her 2 year old toddler daughter, Joselyn Cedillo. At the time this story went to press, Joselyn was on life support at an area hospital for multiple internal and head injuries.

In addition to the injuries which have her on life support, two year old Joselyn had patches of skin on her hands peeled off from where her mother Super glued her hands to the wall. Stuck to her hands were patches of paint which peeled off the wall as the abuse inflicted on Joselyn knocked her to the floor where her mother continued to kick her in the stomach.

Because she wouldn’t use her toddler potty on time, the right way.

Three older siblings in the home told police they hadn’t slept all night for crying as they listened to their mother scream and beat Joselyn and even covering their heads with pillows didn’t drown out the baby’s screams. DHS has taken custody of all four children. If Joselyn does not survive, 22 year old Elizabeth Escalona will be charged with First Degree Murder and face the death penalty.

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