Happy Birthday, Aiden, Rajahathon

September 9, 2011

Beaumont, Texas

Riley Dawkins, 30. Arrested for rape of 5 yr old girl

Riley Dawkins, 30, has been arrested and charged with the rape of the 5 year old daughter of his best friend. After a birthday celebration in which Dawkins and the child’s father went out to celebrate, the child’s father passed out in the back of Dawkin’s vehicle whereupon Dawkins entered the apartment the child shared with her father and raped the girl. The child’s brother, awakened by his siste’s screams, alerted his mother who called police. Dawkins was arrested a short time later.

Bullitt County, Kentucky

January 13, 2010

Aiden Caro, 4 months.

Samuel Harris, Jr., 18, (stupid white boy) has been arrested for the brutal beating of his girlfriend’s 4-month old twin boys, Aiden and Braiden. Aiden is in critical condition and has been declared brain dead by medical personnel at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Samuel Harris admitted battering the boys, telling police Aiden would not stop crying so he threw him across the room, bouncing him off a sofa with a piece of wood sticking out.

When he picked the boy up Aiden was not breathing so he crushed the baby’s ribs in an attempt to apply artificial resuscitation. He was also in possession of narcotics and flying high on marijuana and “other stuff”. The babies’ mother left them in Samuel’s “care” while she left to go to McDonald’s.

Harris was arraigned on $1 million bond. The judge denied the jerk’s request for “mental” evaluation prior to arraignment. Aiden’s surviving twin, Braiden, is now in state custody. On January 27, 2010, Courtney Caro, was charged with criminal abuse of her minor children in the first degree. On July 9, 2010, sobbing as all baby killers do, Courtney Caro pleaded guilty to charges of first degree child abuse and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Five years for allowing the abuse of both of her sons. Five years for allowing her dope head boyfriend to kill her baby. Babies, I might add, that are Bi-racial. Courtney and Samuel Harris, Jr., are both white. There is no mention of the babies’ father in any of the stories posted online. Given her history of drugs, odds are the father of her twins was her pimp or her drug dealer.

There are at least 1.5 million children in America today with this parentage. President Barak Obama among them. This is not their fault. It is the parents. There are dozens of free clinics and Planned Parenthood in every major city and suburb. No excuse. There are also adoption agencies and DHS where she had to report to obtain her food stamps and TANF subsidies.

Courtney Caro and Samuel Harris both grew up in environments identical to the one in which her sons were born and in which Aiden was murdered. They chose lives of sheer stupid from the moment they stepped out on their own. Aiden and Braiden did not choose this wench as their mother nor tell her to bed hop because she was too lazy to get a job. Such is the case for millions of battered and murdered children annually and we all do not go on to become abusive parents or baby killers and baby rapers.

Just once in their perfect lives, Courtney Caro should have loved the babies enough to put them up for adoption! To quote a line from Walt Disney’s “Jungle Book”: “. . . just a child.” Ignorance knows no color boundaries!

Baltimore, Maryland

March 17, 2010

Lakesha Haynie, 28, murdered 1 month old son

Lakesha Haynie was not covered under Maryland’s Oversight law, passed in the past year, to protect children born to mothers who have lost custody of other children as a result of child abuse and/or narcotics or other criminal activity.

In short, the law states that CPS caseworkers, once removing children from the home and parental rights have been terminated or the parent signs the children over for adoption the state welfare and child protection agencies are to keep track of the mother in case she does give birth again and, if so, the court is to be notified and the newborn will be removed.

Since its inception, the law has helped tremendously in reducing the number of child abuse cases (not as much as sterilization would!). Lakesha Haynie has been charged with first degree murder and, if convicted, faces the death penalty. She told the infant’s 25 year old father she had killed the baby and exactly where she buried him.

Rajahnthon Haynie was born Jan. 30, 2010. He died of a skull fracture and blunt force trauma to the head. His father notified police, taking them to the grave site, where the baby’s battered body was found in a trash bag. Lakesha Haynie is being held without bond. She had already forfeited rights to four other children, including a year old baby last year after learning she was pregnant with Rajahnthon.

Three older children were removed several years ago and remanded into state custody. As hospitals are supposed to notify CPS when a welfare mother gives birth and no one was notified, it is suspected Lakesha Haynie gave birth at home. No birth certificate was found on file. Nor had she been back to the caseworker who took her previous children.

Had she not told the father or neighbors she was pregnant, she could have gotten away with the murder of her newborn son, leaving many to wonder if she has done this before and why, if she is so violently bi-polar, there were no court orders to prevent her getting pregnant? Orders which do exist.

This case is just one more justifying the dire need of sterilization of welfare adults and those with serious health or mental disorders. The Constitution does not grant one the right to fornicate nor to indiscriminate breeding habits. Such was the case here. Lakesha Haynie is 28, facing the Death Penalty — deservably so — with five children to her name and none with any positive memories or parenting experiences. At least one is dead. A son no one knew existed, except his father. Not the court system. Not Social Services. Not child protective services. Not area hospitals. Not anyone. Except Dad.

Her defense will now be “mental problem”. She looks about as “off the wall” as a cobra. The lights are on, and someone is home. She premeditatedly bludgeoned her infant son to death, then calmly bagged “the trash”, strolled through Druid Park, dug a shallow grave, buried her son, then went home and on about her business.

Since Rajahnthon had been dead a month when reported, and was a month old when murdered, his father was not a daily active part of his life. It’s too bad since he went to so much immediate trouble to notify police and get Lakesha charged with murder. How sad for his son that he did not pursue a child custody case for the boy.

UPDATE: On January 20, 2011, a Baltimore judge decided not to imprison Lakesha Haynie for the murder of her infant son and his burial in Druid Park. Instead, Lakesha Haynie was handed a 10 year suspended sentence and 5 years probation.

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