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The epidemic of child murder and rape has worsened over the past two decades as a result of “counseling “, court ordered Parenting and Anger Management classes and the idiotic mind-set that if we keep them locked up in their rooms (a prison cell) until they are old and gray, when we let ‘em out they’ll be better folks and truly remorseful over their actions and less likely to repeat them.

So, what with prison over-crowding as a result of an escalating crime rate, we turn them out after 2 years to start their crime sprees all over again. Sadly, there are as many women who WILLINGLY get involved with violent felons and child rapists as there are women who are seriously conned and then can’t get the police to pick up their trash —- before a child gets hurt, before Mom gets beat or dead.

Diapers Still Need Washed

Shades of Hitler and the Nazi regime.

In the case of low income households, the issue is what is being done with food made available. Every month there are over $54 MILLION dollars in food stamps sold to dope dealers. In nearly all cases, children are or were in the home. Lord knows where they are now. In some cases, they are still in the home.

When you speak with a DHS  investigator about this issue, they will tell you they know this is going on but all they can do is hope that before the parent sells the food stamp card they are at least buying some food for the kids. They know better. Those comments are then followed up with: “If we pull their cards, like we’re supposed to, then what? There is no chance food will be in the house and then we have to prosecute. We are too short-handed for that crap.”

Once in a while they will make token efforts but that is all it is because then the children have to be pulled from the home – as they should be so they ARE NOT ABUSED after their parent or parents are coming down off drugs, or strung out on them. Then they have to report the family to Housing Authorities (federal or state) and those benefits are supposed to be pulled and denied for a specified period of time, which occasionally gets done.

Mandatory birth control needs to be part of the welfare system and enforced. No more than two kids and child support needs to be a mandatory issue. NO pay, no play. When subsidized housing vouchers are issued, they need to accompany a valid accurate list of housing suitable for the family and that would include already pre-inspected and all bills paid. If an individual wants to locate housing outside that pre-approved list, then it is your place to know how they intend to pay the utility bills on a monthly basis, where the deposit money is coming from, or to ante up the funds from the programs set aside for this purpose, or to insist the family move into the approved housing on the list given. Very few of the agencies nationwide who state they assist with emergency utility payments are actually able to assist with more than 5% of those in need.

For some, it is a way of life to the point that those who truly need for the first time in their lives never receive any help at all. In homes with small children, the environment needs surprise monitoring to insure utilities are on and the home is safe. These agencies are the very last agencies that should be targeted for governmental budget cuts. The first should be the governor’s salary and staff. Let them all move into welfare housing and monitor the situation. Laws will change.

Seniors finding themselves in need for possibly the first time in their lives are being victimized day in and day out by third and fourth generation criminals on welfare. We’re tired of it. We don’t want to babysit your kids while you go play. We don’t want to listen to them scream while you beat them because you need your drugs. We don’t want made responsible to save their lives from your abuse so, when DHS shows up with the cops, we get abused by you and have to testify in a trial we don’t want squat to do with anymore than you wanted your child.

We don’t want your drugs, your drug traffic, the howl of police cars, doors banged down in the night, gun shots through the walls and windows. We don’t want robbed. We don’t want cursed out because we don’t want to watch your kids while you go play with your other new boyfriend. We don’t want bilked of the promised money when we do watch your kids. We don’t want the apartment trashed out. We don’t want our home burglarized or vandalized. We don’t want screamed at and threatened because someone called the cops and DHS on you for leaving your kids alone and you decided we were the only ones who would because no one else is that damn stupid — or white!!

We don’t want the press in our face asking us what we knew about you when another one of your kids gets dead, or the rest of us get burned out because you and your friends were running a Shake n’ Bake meth lab in the kitchen! We don’t want you asking to use our phone because you can’t pay your phone bill.

We don’t want you asking if the kids can take a bath at our house because you can’t pay your utility bills. We don’t want you asking to use our computer, or stealing it, because you pawned yours and without electricity it’s useless anyway. We don’t want you sending your kids to knock on our door telling us they are hungry because you can’t pay the electric bill and the frig and stove don’t work so you can’t cook so you might as well sell the damn food stamps!
We want you to quit having kids. We want you and your kids out of our face.

We want someone to do something to make you stop having kids you think everyone else wants to raise, and by God should or you are gonna kick their ass!! And if you feel like beating your kid, it is your stinking kid and it ain’t nobody else’s business!! Unless you want someone else to blame right before your kid dies!! And ain’t this happened, too!!? Every stinking day. You don’t like the day care. Too many child molesters. Like your brother, your last boyfriend, the father of your second kid you now aren’t raising because she’s dead.

On and on and on.

If the children are OUT of the environment, they are LESS LIKELY TO BE ABUSED than left in the environment. Yes, abuse in foster care is a serious issue and the cure for that is better background investigations in lieu of none! Sterilization is another point here. If you don’t puke out kids you don’t want and your family doesn’t want to raise, then those of us who give a damn about abused kids won’t have to raise them and neither will other abusive people in the foster care system for that very reason. Nor should people who lost custody of their own children be allowed to be foster parents nor adoptive parents, but this has happened, too.

Such was the case with Renee Bowman and the two adopted children she murdered. This seems to be quite common where special needs children are concerned. No one wants bothered with them. The solution to that, then, is mandatory sterilization for low-income individuals, addicts, those with their own serious health issues, and felons with a history of violence. If the child is not born into the abusive environment, then the child won’t eventually be abused.

In over 98% of the cases where a child or children were removed from the home as a result of the abuse, then later on down the line returned to the home by a court order, the same children are re-abused or murdered. A 2% success ratio of court-ordered Parenting and Anger Management classes to return children to a home where they were only wanted for the food stamps, subsidized housing, and cash benefits SUCKS!!! A child is raped and murdered in America every 10 seconds and DHS, CPS, and the court systems are using a 2% success ratio to justify the continued habit of returning abused kids to the home of the abuser —- even after they have served time in prison for the abuse .

Or for murder of another child.

Of the 3 million plus children abused in America every year, 75% of are from welfare and low-income families. Every two minutes in America, another child becomes homeless. Largely if not solely as a result of parental irresponsibility and illegalities. I guess this is how the powers that be decided the death penalty was inhuman and should be abolished: a 2% success ratio of scaring criminals into good behavior. Well, if you look at it from the stand point of the victims, the Death Penalty is a 100% success story: the maggot that killed their wife, or his own kids, or their son, or dealt the dope that did, or murdered and raped his wife and mother, won’t do it again. He’s dead. Just as he earned the right — doghouse rights.

The Death Penalty is a success story and needs repeated daily — nationwide. Like good vitamin therapy or good mental health treatment. Or good budget management.

Hitler did. Only 40 million global Jews were not criminals, nor living off welfare until starved out and their belongings, homes, and businesses stolen by the Nazi Regime. We paid the time for the crime of believing in God and being industrious. The rate of homicide of children in America and on a global level has, in the past two decades, topped a kill ratio GREATER THAN that of the Nazi Holocaust.

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