They Were White

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Because they were white.

In the early morning hours of January 7, 2007, Hugh Christopher Newsom, 23,  and his girlfriend Channon Gail Christian, 21,  were carjacked and held captive in a house on Chipman Street in Knoxville, Tennessee. Five people were arrested for the brutal rape, torture, and murders of this young couple. Christopher Newsom’s body was found torched and still burning along side railroad tracks near the house where he and Channon had been taken and sent into Hell for being white. Christian’s brutalized body was found stuffed inside a trash can inside the house a few days later.

In October 2009, alleged ringleader Lemaricus Davidson – a repeat felon – was handed two death sentences for the brutal murders. On June 12, 2010, Judge Richard Baumgartner added an additional 80 years to the sentence of Lemaricus Davidson for the additional charges levied on top of the double murders.

His brother, Letalvis Cobbins, was sentenced to life without parole in August, 2009, for rape and murder. Eric Boyd is serving an 18-year sentence in federal prison for helping in the carjacking. George Thomas was also sentenced to Life Without Parole.

In May, 2010, Vanessa Coleman was acquitted of the first degree murder charges but was sentenced to 53 years as an accessory and for withholding evidence. She was 18 at the time the crimes were committed. She must serve at least a third of her sentence (10.5 years before she can even be considered for parole. The parents and friends of both victims have vowed to fight her release, or the release of the others not sentenced to die, unto the jaws of Hell.).

The reasons given for the brutal rapes and murders of Chris and Channon are “Because we felt like it. Because they were there. Because they were white. And rich.”

The stories of the brutal murders of these two young people first aired online after someone discovered the story was not being broke nationwide because those arrested were black and the victims were white. This is wrong! Had the situation been reversed the story would have received national press coverage and international uproar from the black community. The brutal murders of these two young people occured because they were white. This is racial violence and the refusal of the national and international press to cover the story as such not only is a disgrace to their reporting practices but plays right into the hands of the victimizers who thrive on keeping society held hostage with their violence and the fear that keeps the press from acting in a responsible and equitable manner.

Racial violence is crime inflicted on and perpetrated upon members of an opposing ethic group by individuals or groups of another ethic group and perpetrated in such a manner as to impart the message of hate — which violence definitely imparts. Said racial violence includes those crimes committed by members of the African-American community against whites. Bottom line. 

And when such statements are made during the trials as to this being the very reason the victims were brutalized and murdered —- the crimes can not be classified in any other manner except as what they are: Racial Hate Crimes. All individuals arrested and tried for these brutal murders are equally guilty. There is none less guilty than Lemarcus Davidson anymore than he is less guilty than Coleman. None of these defendants should have been prosecuted on anything less than raw premeditated rape and murder.

The links in the first paragraph tie into Knoxnews video library and the videos of every day of the trials for these five “jackals”. The faces and voices of the parents are enough to rip your guts out. The smirks and excuses of the killers are enough to make any parent want to kill. I know I do. I survived a St. Louis serial killer this vicious, this racist, this smug, and with as many accomplices — including a white girlfriend with a webcam.

The police and FBI knew he was running loose and all his victims were along the same Bi-State bus route — the Loughbourough run. All the victims’ homes were within a short distance of every stop for the Loughborough bus.  With the exception of one: a highway overpass on Father’s Day Sunday where I had stopped to watch big rigs after a Father’s Day brunch in one church with my sons and grandchildren before heading to another church in Soulard for lunch with friends.

This killer had at least 30 kills to his credit: all white, all but one a senior female. This one exclusion was a white mail postal worker murdered on the doorstep of an intended senior victim while delivering social security checks and other mail due the first of every month.

After leaving me for dead, this maggot strolled on into the church I had just left, sat through services with my blood on his shoes, then – with the help of his white girlfriend – went on to rape and brutalize another white senior citizen that very afternoon as he had that morning on his way to church, which is — as the five black St. Louis police officers stated when they got around to responding to the call — the only reason the maggot did not rape me on the highway overpass. He was “spent” for awhile.

Please refer back to the quote on the first page of this site. The interview I had with a St. Louis cop in 1995 shortly after moving there after the Murrah Bombing. Yes, this cop knew this serial killer maggot was running loose. Lots of serial killers have friends and associates. They run in rogue packs. Lots have jobs. Some are cops.

And it’s enough to make you hate.

Everyone in this ethnic group. For all time.

Black Pride

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1 thought on “They Were White”

  1. And, if these crimes are not crimes of depravity and absolute hate by blacks of whites, then what in the hell is a hate crime. Of course, in my estimation, any murder committed just for the sake of murdering, is a damned hate crime. Either call black on white race crimes, Hate Crimes, or completely get rid of this rediculous classification of crime. In my view, crime is crime, and circumstances and evidence should prevail. That is the constitutional way. When congress passes Hate Crime Legislation to specify Special Groups such as Gays, Blacks and others as Hate Crimes, trivializes our constitutional legal system. It is time to stop pandering to pressure from Racial and Special Victims groups and treat all Crimes Equally under the law as intended by our constitution, or just scrap the whole damned system and admit, we are now a Nation of Special Interests and nothing more. In short, we have Selective Laws to be used Politically by Political hacks who could care less about any of us, regardless of color, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

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