Portland Seven

  Jeffrey Leon Battle:Portland Seven

Jeffrey Leon Battle: The Portland Seven, 9/11 Attacks, Murrah Bombing, US Army

Patrice Lumumba Ford, October Martinique Lewis, Jeffrey Leon Battle, Muhammad Bilal,Ahmed Ibrahim Bilal, and Habis Abullah al Saoub are seen in undated handout photos. Ford, Lewis, Battle, and Muhammad Bilal were arrested in Friday, Oct. 4, 2002 on charges they conspired to wage war on the United States and provide support to al-Qaida.

In January, 2003, Jeffrey Leon Battle was officially discharged from the United States Army Reserve for failure to appear for duty. He did. In Afghanastan and Washington. The Army of his choosing after taxpayer funded training in all sorts of good stuff — including the incompetence of the United States Army.

They have Facebook accounts. Twitter accounts. My Space accounts. Blogs and their own websites — some recruiting your children – within the sites of international terrorists organizations.

Got it all going on!!!



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