Cameron Williams, Aaden Batista,

Baltimore, Maryland
November 04, 2009

Cameron Justin Williams

Man Charged With Killing Girlfriend’s Baby

Baltimore County Police have arrested and charged Brian Maurice Savage, 21, with the capital murder of his girlfriend’s 15 month son, Cameron Justin Williams. Brian Maurice Savage and the boy’s mother were living together in an apartment in the 1400 block of Hadwick Drive. As was her custom, Cameron’s mother left her toddler son in the care of Savage when she left for work. He is being held without bond pending trial on capital murder charges.

Two other people were in the apartment at the time, but police said Savage was the only person supervising the child. Savage told police he was in bed with the boy some seven hours after his mother’s departure and noticed Cameron was unresponsive. Savage called 911 and Cameron was taken to Franklin Square Hospital Center in White Marsh where he was pronounced dead.

Mr. Mild Mannered, Wouldn't Hurt A Fly.

Savage said the injuries might have occurred while he was “roughhousing” with the toddler and rolled on top of him. An autopsy determined that the toddler’s internal injuries included damage to his lungs, liver and spleen, as well as bruises and cuts on his head and body.

Jason Padgett, murdered Aaden Batista, age 2

April 11, 2010, Orlando, Florida

Jason Padgett, 28, has been arrested and charged with Felong Murder, Child Neglect, Aggravated Manslaughter of a child and Aggravated Child Abuse in the death of two year old Aaden Batista, the son of his girlfriend. Padgett is a repeat felon with convictions for armed robbery, grand theft, domestic violence, child abuse, aggravated battery, possession, use, and distribution of illegal drugs, and a host of other crimes.

Aaden Batista, age 2

He is being held on $3 million bond. At the time of the murder, Jason Padgett was babysitting his girlfriend’s son as he had since the two moved in together. When the mother returned home the night of April 7, 2010,  she found the child “unresponsive” and took him to Holmes Regional Medical Center. An autopsy showed the child suffered from multiple brain hemorrhages caused from blunt force trauma and repeat beatings. There was also ample evidence the boy had been sexually abused. Autopsy results also reflected a history of untreated abuse to Aaden.

As as been the case in other child abuse victims, Whitney Flowers, Aaden’s mother, not only knew of Jason Padgett’s violent history and abuse of her toddler son, she helped cover his crimes. Whitney Flowers worked in the medical field. Such was the case with now deservedly executed Ms. Christina Riggs of Arkansas who stole the drugs she used to murder her two toddlers, citing as a defense “economic stress and PTSD from the OKC Murrah Bombing”.

This defense was blown out of the water when it was learned Ms. Riggs not only did not assist in the treatment of OKC bombing victims at St. Anthony Hospital, she was no longer employed there nor even in the state at the time of the Murrah Bombing.

As of this writing, no charges have been brought against Whitney Flowers. Jeffrey Batista, Aaden’s biological father, has now begun action to pass what he calls Aaden’s Law for equal parenting rights of unmarried individuals. He left Whitney Elizabeth Flowers for her excessive drinking and drug use and began action to gain custody of his son, having reported the abuse of his son and the illegal activities of both Jason Padgett and Whitney Flowers. Three weeks after his last report to DFS in Orlando, his son was dead.

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