…you’ll die with me.”

Lashonda Armstrong with 3 of her 4 children

April 14, 2011

Newburgh, New York

Angela Gilliam called police at 7:45 pm Tuesday evening to report a domestic violence dispute in her niece’s apartment. She was worried about Lashanda and her four children, one an 11-month old infant girl. Police responded to the call right away but found no one at home, including her long time boyfriend and the father of her three youngest children.

Boat ramp where Lashanda and her children drowned

At 8:00 pm 11 year old La’Shaun Armstrong stood shivering and soaking wet inside a fire department less than a mile from where his 25 year old mother had driven the family van into the river with his younger siblings inside. Police were called to the fire department where La’Shaun, stunned and sobbing, tried his best to explain the day’s events that left him an orphan. His mother and siblings dead, his birth father never a part of his life. He sobbed out his pain and guilt, blaming himself for not saving at least his baby sister, for not unstrapping her safety belt in her car seat, for not shoving his little bothers out the car window before himself, for not . . .

Lashanda Armstrong's youngest son

As Lashanda drove her van and children towards the Hudson River with every intent of killing herself and them, she drove with one hand and made her last post to her Facebook Wall, apologizing to the world for what she was in the process of doing. Her post was made 11 minutes before her van hit the water at high speed and sank, barely giving La’Shaun time to open the window and crawl out. The weather was a frigid 45 degrees. The car sank in less than two minutes.

November 26, 2007

Lincoln Park, Michigan

Christopher Ryan Richardson. Twice acquitted of the sodomy murder of his 9 day old daughter.

Wayne County prosecutors have filed charges against Christopher Ryan Richardson for the brutal rape and sodomy death of his 9 day old daughter, Nevaeh Richardson, on November 23, 2007.  A repeat felon on domestic violence and drug charges, Christopher Richardson resided with the infant’s mother however they were not married. Nevaeh literally bled to death and was also diagnosed as having acute blood poisoning as a result of previous abuse.

On May 2, 2008, Detroit judges once again threw out the charges against Christopher Ryan Richardson for the brutal death of his infant daughter. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail for domestic violence, claiming he beat the crap of the baby’s mother when he came home and found the baby dead on her chest. The baby was bleeding from her mouth and her diapers were soaked with blood.

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