Erika Green

The Beheading of Precious Doe Erica Michelle Maria Green, age 3

Erika Michelle Green: Precious Doe

On April 28, 2001, the nude, decapitated body of a 3-year-old girl was found near an intersection in Kansas City, Missouri. Two days later her head, which had been removed with hedge clippers, was found nearby in a plastic garbage bag. On October 9, 2008, a Kansas City, Missouri, jury deliberated for three hours before returning a guilty verdict in the first-degree murder trial of Harrell Johnson, 29, the step-father of three-year-old Erica Michelle Maria Green. Harrell Johnson was charged with the death and decapitation of his girlfriend’s daughter.

Harrell M. Johnson, raped and butchered Erika Green

A year after he killed her child, they married. On November 20, 2008, Harrell Johnson was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Michelle Green-Johnson – of Muskogee, Oklahoma – the mother of the brutally murdered Erica, testified against her husband in his murder trial. Erica’s body remained unidentified for nearly four long years after her murder.

Michelle Green-Johnson pleaded guilty in 2007 to second-degree murder in the death of her baby girl.  “A relative” came forward, after four years, and identified Erica Green, claiming they didn’t know until then Erica was missing never mind dead. Un-huh. The relative stated that day in 2007 was the first she saw the picture on TV.

Then the loving couple got a divorce. Michelle was abused, of course. And highly abusive, especially to her children and others unable to defend themselves, or to those unwilling to justify her violence by doing anything more than walk away so she could follow and continue her abusive tirades. Typical behavior for gang bangers. So now what are the other excuses for the crimes? Drugs as usual, which Mommy Dearest has a very long history of, including with “Dewey Preston Miller is the biggest dope dealer in the Moore-Norman area.”

Step-daddy was flying on crack, cooking and dealing the stuff, kicked the baby to death, butchered her, bagged her, dumped her, cleaned the house with Mommy, so they could get on about the business of life without the damn food stamp brat screaming and demanding attention.

He also resembles the maggot that attacked me on a highway overpass on Father’s Day Sunday, 1997, because he felt like it. He also felt like stomping half to death lots of other white people, mostly women over the age of 40, along with his stupid little white girlfriend and a film crew.

And the pair went on about their lives for four years — and had more kids. DHS failure? This country NEEDS the death penalty. This country NEEDS it carried out ASAP. This country NEEDS mandatory sterilization of drug addicts — male and female. Without the ability to produce added to your stupidity in doing so there will be AT LEAST 200,000 LESS abused and murdered and raped kids EVERY DAMNED YEAR!!!

Harrell Johnson and Michelle Green-Johnson. Baby killers.

There were no memorial websites set up for this child by the Black Community. Plenty, however, exist set up by individuals from the White Community. Why is this? There were no stories of the NAACP becoming involved in the search for Erica nor of their involvement and lobbying for justice for her and all abused children. The cops involved were relentless but because the case “involved their own” the Black Community had nothing to say.

Didn’t read any stories of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family members being involved either, to toughen laws to protect all black children. In fact, I haven’t heard stories of the King Family doing much worthwhile about concerning ssues specific to the black community such as organ donations. The medically documented genetic sensitivity to tissue and organs from other nationalities which make it nearly impossible to achieve an inter-racial organ transplant, hence the African-American community needs to educate and search from within. Research it. I did. I’m sick of hearing “racism” for everything on the planet.

This journal is documented testimony to your racial violence.

Oprah was silent. Ginger and Pam weren’t. They never are. They talk in their sleep. They drive their kids into alcoholism. but like millions of others in the black community, their damned mouths were not running on the side of right. They were just running. All having loud mouths when cops or politicians die at the hands of black men arrested for the crime, or to inflict their own abuse on the victims of the very crimes that brought them into the forefront of society in the first place.

I have yet to see a story where Amnesty International spoke out against the Death Penalty for a white man. I have yet to read where they supported the Death Penalty for the vicious murder of a child. Regardless of the reasons for a black man being sent to Death Row, there are the idiots out there with more mouth than wisdom who, in the name of Righteousness, claim the sentence is wrong.

You devote more energy to getting a justified criminal sentence over-turned than you ever devoted to changing society for the better in the first place. I’m fed up with these Bleeding Heart Liberals of every nationality who believe racial violence is only those acts inflicted on a black person. The illegal sectors of the Hispanic communities are now following suit then proclaiming their illegality in America when arrested or convicted and sentenced to death!! Which is in direct violation of United Nations laws on member nations committing criminal acts on the soil of or against the occupants of other member nations. These said acts now include drug trafficking, adult and child trafficking and sexploitation, and acts of terrorism.

 Every stinking time YOU COMMIT MURDER, RAPE, CHILD MURDER, RACIAL VIOLENCE HOMICIDE, BLOW UP THE TWIN TOWERS WITH THE HELP OF OUR ‘Friends’ SAUDI ARABIA, you do not wanna die. Well neither do your victims!

Look at from the stand-point of Islamic terrorists: die honorably. Half of you say the kids you kill and butcher have Satan in them. Consider the death penalty your suicide run. Your free ticket into the netherworld of Allah and all those holy virgin children you’ll receive as your reward.

You wanted equal rights. You by God got ’em.

Once again, do black men leave behind an incurable dose of stupid in seminal fluid?!

Shalom, Erika!

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2 thoughts on “Erika Green”

  1. Lmfao.. who eva made es website needa get a life. COURTNEY CARO is not a bad mother, she jus made a bad judgement pickin her boyfriend. who she trusted very much, never thinkin he wuld hurt her kids!! she loves her kids very much. sam harris is a piece of shit tht hopefully wont make it thru prison. he deserves to suffer for wat he put thoose beautiful babies thru. yu kno nothin about tha story or about courtney except wat yu heard on the news- & erryone knos yu ciant belive shit that the media says..

    • Another Oklahoma Rose said:

      While all serious bloggers and online journalists appreciate both positive and negative comments to their stories, few of us appreciate the use of profanity or insults to the topic/topics which obviously matter to us or we would not waste our time with them. When it comes to abused children, I have ZERO patience with idiots, cybermouths who cannot be troubled to learn to spell, and those who feel the need to trash out the works of others. Hundreds of us online are and have been as devoted as Oprah to the exposing of abusers and child predators and the eternal remembrance of those who paid the ultimate price for being born and for loving unconditionally: the children.

      The “person” who needs to grow up and get a life, Punkin, is you. Sounds as if you are one of the cronies of this sickening example of bad breeders and, perhaps, you are also as bad. Find God.

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