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Millie Jean Ware Cross, Okla. City. Murder of infant

July 2, 2010, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

52 year old, Millie Ware Cross, babysitter with long rap sheet arrested for beating death of infant. Shawn Ware states his mother, while not perfect, did not kill Malachi Brooks. He stated the baby’s mother and her new boyfriend have beaten the baby before and Malachi was not his usual self when Cherry called at the last minute and wanted them to babysit so they go out awhile. — The mother was out partying and left her children with this scuzbag! Neighbors say she was very drunk, nearly all the time, and always babysit this young woman’s kids.

I would not have trusted this woman with my trash – let alone my child!! How stupid do you have to be? And Shawn Ware is probably telling most of the truth when he stated Cherry and her new boyfriend had beaten Malachi before and he wasn’t “acting right” this day they babysat. Cherry Brooks was too fast to stay in front of the press cameras, and too fast to get there, never shedding one tear the entire time. She was in front of press cameras before the ink was dry on the booking papers for Millie Ware.

Jocelynn Louis

May 10, 2010

On August 9, 2009, 72 year old Jocelynn Louis was arrested for burning her 9 year old foster son on the arm and leg with a hot potato masher. She was teaching him to behave and respect his elders. The boy was treated for multiple second and third degree burns on his arms and legs. Ms Louis has been this child’s foster mother since birth. Ms Louis has allegedly been a foster mother to over 100 children in two states.

This is where the story really gets hard to believe. Ms Louis was a licensed foster parent in California where she stated she took in this particular child, but according to the California Department of Social Services Ms Louis surrendered her foster parent license in March, 2006, after an investigation into another child being injured which she failed to report. She was ultimately not held responsible for that child’s injuries. Shortly thereafter she moved to Oklahoma.

According to the California Department of Social Services, Ms Louis moved to this state alone. She was not a foster parent at the time she surrendered her license, nor would she have been allowed to remove a child from the state of California.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Ms Louis is not and never has been licensed to be a foster parent in Oklahoma. The agency has no record of having placed this child in her care. After the boy was released from the hospital he was taken into custody by the Midwest City Police Department while Child Services in two states and law enforcement agencies try to figure out exactly where this boy came from, who he really is, and how he came to be in her care.

If she did care for him in California, and not through the foster system there, then that makes 72 year old Jocelynn Louis guilty of kidnapping in addition to the abuse charges. This case smacks so much of the Michael Anthony Hughes case it is frightening!

Joycelyn Louis died 24 hours before her scheduled court appearance. The courtroom, including the judge, broke into disresectful laughter when the judge asked the Defense Attorney why his client had not appeared in court.

“Dead’s a good reason,” said His Honor.

God spoke . . . .

Unfortunately for the teen boy involved in this case, who is now nearly an adult, the investigation into his true identity and how he came to be in Joycelyn Louis’ “possession” was also closed, largely by Oklahoma DHS.

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