“. . .he’s too fat!”

Neveah Jackson, 9 months. Murdered by devoted father.

March 29th 2010

New York City  9-month-old Neveah Jackson (‘heaven’ spelled backwards) was murdered in her home. Dad said she banged her head against a desk while sitting on his lap as he downloaded music on his computer. Neveah Jackson’s death late Saturday  in the Bronyx was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner, making her the third tot beaten to death in the city in the past nine days. Eric Jackson, unemployed and a former employee of a company specializing in the care of Special Needs children, did not reside with his daughter’s mother but was in the habit of “babysitting” while Jennifer Brito worked.

All interviewed claim they do not believe the infant died the way Eric states but defend him, stating “he loved her. He would never hurt that baby. He couldn’t wait to be a dad.”

An autopsy revealed Neveah died of blunt-impact injuries to the head, and suffered skull fractures and a brain injury, according to spokeswoman Ellen Borakove. “She was so pretty and she was really growing,” Jackson’s aunt, Darliney Brito, 15, said before bursting into tears Sunday.

Rae Caruth couldn’t wait to be a dead either. He was several times over by several women. He just didn’t want to pay child support and his legal wife didn’t want him to either, nor did she want her income from his now defunct sports career diminished by court ordered child support payments. And two people are still dead at his hands. Eddy Curry didn’t want to pay child support either so someone had to die at the hands of this devoted black sports player Dad.

Every year, there are 1 million African-American children abused and exploited, most to death, and nearly all at the hands of family members. Over all nationalities, a child is raped and murdered in the United States EVERY TEN SECONDS of every stinking day!!! When DHS or CPS intervene and the parent is given the benefit of the doubt and remanded to Parenting Classes and Anger Management Classes in lieu of prison, the child is ultimately returned to the home.

The statistical fact is that 98% of these children end up abused again, removed and returned again, then end up in a trash bin, a ditch, in a grave in grandma’s back yard, torched in the bathtub, drowned, choked to death with foreign objects, raped to death, sodomized to death, overdosed with methadone, starved to death, tied up and tortured in basements, tossed out on the street, sold, then, eventually, in a tiny casket — a bier — in the front parlor of a funeral home.

“. . . .just a child!”

August 12, 2010

Acton, Massachuettes

Kaydn William Hancock. Murdered August 10, 2010, by his mother. Because he was fat and lazy.

Christina Hancock, 23, has been charged with the murder of her 13-month old Bi-racial son, Kaydn William Hancock. He died at an area hospital less than 30 minutes after a call was made to 9-1-1 by Christina, who stated her son had “fallen from his crib” and banged his head. Hospital examinations and a subsequent autopsy revealed the boy died from massive head trauma and had injuries consistent with previous abuse, including an untreated broken arm which left the boy unable to crawl. When police charged Christina and asked her ‘Why?’, she stated: “Because he’s fat and he’s lazy, that’s why.”

A husband, yes. A baby, no. Kaydn’s toddler sister, less than 3, was removed from the home by state and local police. In addition, Christina Hancock is pregnant and has a third child she put up for adoption when he was 9 months old — the best thing she has ever done as a “parent”.

April, 2010

Four children, all under the age of five, perished in a fire in the family apartment because no one could be troubled to pay the electric bill.

The childrens’ mothers — sisters Shetarra, 24, and Latisha James, 23 — were outside the house when the fire started. Both suffered smoke inhalation and minor burns in the blaze, started by candles left unattended and placed within reach of small hands. Robert Christopher Charles, Jr., 4; Keviana Michelle Morgan, 1; Natalie Rogers, 2; and Nevaeh Nunn, 2, perished in the afternoon blaze which ignited flammables left near the television where one candle had been placed for light.

Being spring time, heat was not needed in this formerly picturesque town. Robert Charles, Jr., Natalie Rogers, and Nevaeh Nunn were siblings, the children of Shetarra James. Keviana Morgan was the son of Latisha James. Kevin Morgan, Keviana’s father, was killed in a February, 2008, gang-related shoot-out before his son was born. The father of Nevaeh Nunn, Tenerese Nunn, 23, appeared for the memorial service of his daughter. The fire has torn the family apart. Family members are blaming Shetarra James and her financial irresponsibility for the fire and the death of Keviana Morgan.

If you can not provide for children then don’t have them. Both these girls were not only gang bangers but welfare mothers. Shetarra’s three children all had different fathers who obviously were not paying child support and not involved in their care. Latisha James’ deceased son’s father was murdered because of his own criminal activity shortly before the boy was born.

Where was all the Black Pride that put him in the job market in lieu of in gang and drug related activity which cost him his life and that of another family member? He should have been working. Had he done so, he would still be alive, and providing for his family in lieu of social services doing his job.  The local electric company had been working with Shetarra for over two months on her back bill before the electric was shut off.

If all these grandchildren mattered so much then why did family members not pool their resources and pay the electric bill? Why didn’t someone talk some sense to her about all the babies she was having by every john she bedded down? Where was her DHS caseworker to council her on birth control, job programs, day care, and the alleged funding provide to DHS to assist with the payment of utility bills for the sake of the children and their safety?

These utility checks are NOT handed to the utility client. They are sent directly to the utility companies to pay the bills. United Way has identical programs. Salvation Army has identical programs. In California, the funding for such is greater than in all other states because of the extensive welfare rolls in large part due to illegal Mexican immigrants. So why were these two brood mares in arrears on utility bills to justify the use of candles all over a house with a passle of kids all under the age of 6? And in warm weather at a time when the windows should have been open for fresh air, and the curtains drawn for light!

Why were these children not in foster care since the mother obviously can’t provide, doesn’t want to provide, and doesn’t even have the smarts to keep her babies safe? Or her legs shut! Her neglect is solely to blame for this fire and she needs to be prosecuted as such.

The state of California has a horrendous child abuse rating, as does all 50 states, all wrapped around welfare, drugs, and gang activity, which then dominoes on down the line to the rest of us where crime, abandoned apartments and housing are concerned, depreciation of property as a result of welfare funded crime

So now we have another story of dead kids because of imcompetent parents. Judging from the faces of these babies as seen in the “memorial” video, they were all being abused and neglected. All looked malnourished and filthy. I know California has food pantries and church clothes closets everywhere! There is no excuse for the neglient homicide of these babies. None.

Both grieving mommies will be pregnant again before the year is out.

And God said, "Let there be light . . ."

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