Children Who Kill

Marquis Overstreet, 13

July 4, 2011

DeKalb, Georgia

Troy Westberry, 16

The body of 13  year old Marquis Overstreet was found by a landscaper in an unincorporated area of DeKalb County called Stone Mountain. Marquis had been stabbed 23 times and shot twice in the chest. Two weeks previous Marquis’ mother, Keisha Langhorne, had reported her son as ‘Missing’ to the police department. He ran away because he didn’t like rules or being told he could not do as he pleased. In this case, he ran away to see his girlfriend. Keisha Langhorne believes, but isn’t certain, that during this particular absence from home Marquis was staying with friends and planned on attending a cookout with his girlfriend.

On July 27, 16 year old Troy Westberry was arrested and charged with murder. Both boys attended DeKalb Alternative School for juveniles with disciplinary issues, most of whom had been arrested one or more times as was the case with both Marquis and Troy. Police found two knives and a gun inside a guitar case, along with items belonging to Marquis Overstreet, when they arrived at the teen’s home to arrest him. He now faces First Degree Murder charges and is being tried as an adult. The adult who gave Troy Westberry the gun is also facing charges.

On July 8, another teen went to the police after seeing the story on the news of Marquis’ body being found in the woods in a dry ditch. This teen had an encounter with Troy Westberry only minutes after he murdered Marquis. Even though Troy told this teen he had killed Marquis, the boy chose not to report the matter to either his parents or the police until the story broke.

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