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When Parents Kill

There are only two crimes women commit as frequently as men: larceny being the first, and the second — the murder and brutalization of their own children. Women – who, statistically, commit less than 20% of all violent crimes in the United States – commit around 65% of all parental murders and are quicker to allow their lovers or boyfriends to do the same than are fathers in similar situations.

Although the judiciary as a whole is beginning to realize – and act accordingly – that all mothers are not the Holy Mother, this Madonna Syndrome mind-set still prevails enough that in half of all maternal filicide cases, the courts remand the killer to a mental hosptial rather than to prison and death row. Most judges do not have a problem sending a male to prison or death row for the same crime. This is in large part due to the need to believe that real mothers would not violate the sanctity of motherhood while fatherhood, since the beginning of time, has been largely viewed as secondary in nature to the masculine psychological make-up.

Men are supposed to be guardians, protectors, avengers of wrongs done to their household and family not nesters. There are many exceptions within the wildlife communities which make hundreds of thousands of survivors of violent crimes wonder why the Nazi medical researchers and genetics scientists did not figure out a way to convert a baby killer, rapist, pedophile, or abusive mate into a seahorse, a mute black swan, or an easily disposed of slug or earthworm. The latter two being good catfish bait.

Butterflies Are Free

When men become the victimizers this is, subconciously or not, viewed as the ultimate betrayal — which it is — hence, the disproportionate number of female baby killers vs male baby killers, female pedophiles and accessories vs male pedophiles and accessories, sentenced to extensive prison time or to Death Row. He violated a God-sanctified responsibility.

She merely disposed of her own property, like dirty Kleenex or a tampon — and this is precisely how most maternal child killers view their victims — but they’ll play you all they can. Tears, fits, and bizarre behavior included free of charge.

The fact is there is NO divisional area in the human brain between the psyche and psychopathy of the male and female brains and subconscious governing human behaviors, reactions, and emotions nor parenting instincts and love.  There are, and have always been, just as many vicious female killers as male. Just as brutal. Just as premediated. Just as resourceful, just as pathetic, just as frighting. Just as sociopathic, just as psychopathic.

The psychological sociological reaction to women committing violent crimes against their children, and willfully plotting to do so, stems from the need to believe that our own mothers would never have been this vicious, thus, those who do so must have a mental problem. Survivors of such deplorable abuse are testimony otherwise but the assorted terroristic tactics used on victims, especially children, and the resulting behaviors and behavioral patterns is ignored. Too much to have to deal with, all the other sorts of abuse doled out, but the fact is the tactics and types of parental and sociological abuse doled out is identical to and often surpasses the same tactics and viciousness of the worst international terrorist.

 All the children profiled on the previous pages have endured daily, and finally succumbed to, abuse and psychological terrorism as, and often, more violent than the worst doled out against children of the Shoah in the Nazi Death Camps of WWII.

As our society becomes increasingly more violent – in large part due to laxness within the judicial system and an overwhelming obsession with dissecting everything on the planet to figure out how it works and thinks and feels and reacts. We then reassemble and attempt to reprogram said humanoid — via psychologists who differ with each other, or with drugs — to behave in whatever manner is considered to be The Norm at any given moment in a society of too many freedoms, too easily accessible technology to inflict abuse and exploitation, too much political and corporate corruption and irresponsibility heavily overloaded with rhetoric, and too many loop-holes which leave the rest of society without a safety net. All this increases the desparate need for tougher laws to protect our children and the irrefutiable need for the Death Penalty and its immediate use.

The archaic belief  that children belong to the mother and are her personal property is another reason for the disparities in prosecution of filicide.  Destroying ones own property may or may not be crazy, doing the same to someone else’s property is legally criminal thus most mothers who kill are remanded to mental hospitals vs prison and Death Row: they simply destroyed their own property.

American society and the judicial system have split brains when it comes to the reactions of filicide among women. We treat women who murder someone else’s child as the most heinous criminal on earth while being plagued with a need to comprehend, and thus show mercy towards, women who prostitute, butcher, torch, or throw their own children off a 10-story building or stuff them into a microwave or oven: because they wouldn’t quit crying, because Mom had a headache, because Mom was drunk, because she promised her boyfriend sex, because the boy lost her cell phone, because she forgot.

Whatever the lame excuses tossed out by the killer onto the sociological plates of those desperate to comprehend – when hearing “because I felt like it” would not serve the killer’s own best interest of self-preservation – the fact remains that as of 2010, an American child is raped and murdered every 10 seconds, primarily at the hands of their own parents. Parents who had, on more than one occasion, been court-ordered into Anger Management or Parenting classes, sentenced to prison time for abuse, appeared in Family Court with DHS or CPS for custody hearings concerning their children only to return to the same court, same judge a month or six months later to be bound over for trial on murder.

In 1999, parents were responsible for 60% of the murders perpetrated against children, including infants. The tally has risen as a result of increased drug use – primarily ‘crack’ within the African-American communities – and its subsequent crime which has also increased thus escalating the unemployment and welfare rosters. Along with these escalations in the epidemic of sociological desintegration rides the inability to have faith in local, state, or national government and law enforcement for our own protection from both foreign entities and the terrorism within.  When we can’t protect from without what should not be within we can not protect from within what should not be.

You can’t treat colon cancer by ignoring it, nor can you treat it in the same manner as you would the flu or chicken pox or smallpox, or a hang-nail. If detected early it can be treated but odds are it will return years later down the road. That is the nature of the Beast. Violence is a cancer. When you allow it to surpass the “early treatment” stage and into the acute stage it is time for serious eradication. When we continue to pass legislation that condones victimization of women and children and are afraid to discipline in a harsh much deserved manner those, of any age and nationality, who commit the crimes we then become accessories after the fact to the crimes which occur and will continue to occur both in type and viciousness. Sterilization is an answer. It is a solution. So is the daily — like a quality vitamin or MAOI – administrated execution of those responsible. We are now living in the Hell of Bleeding Heart Liberalism.

Prison is discipline. It is supposed to be harsh. It is supposed to be miserable. It is supposed to be uncomfortable. It is supposed to be a safety net for the rest of us. It is supposed to be a Message to others. Death Row is what God demanded for criminals. It was good enough for His Son. The only crime Christ was guilty of is treason: the devoted motivation to rid society of inequality and the persecution of His People, the Jews.

It is a historical fact that global black communities are notoriously more violent than other nationalities. This has nothing to do with intellect. Since their alignment with the Nations of Islam back in the 60s, sex crimes against children has risen 100% including perpetrated against children by other children. There are no reasons Why. It seems to be another factual case of “because it is what it is”. When one has no compunction about brutally slaughtering the child you brought into the world, it is a given you won’t have a problem slaughtering those not within your ethnic group. Mass familial hatred against that which mirrors us in a manner we find deplorable and choose to ignore, or that which is not like us and intrusive into a space we stole in the first place from those who held a hand out in assistance. That is racial hatred and violence, even when perpetrated at the hands of those within the global African communities.

For Azaria

The beautiful face of the toddler on the Preface Page is one such victim. She has no name. She is a 1988 Georgia Cold Case, found encased in cement inside a ragged suitcase stuffed into an entertainment unit left in an abandoned apartment. Police never found a suspect. They should have. They barely looked. Others, a generation later, came along. Like me, they were troubled by her story, appalled at the shoddy work, and could not forget the face and smile rendered from the soul and brush of a police artist.

She is the face of millions of murdered children in American. Less than 30% of all child abuse cases are ever investigated. Less than 45% of all child homicide cases are ever resolved or prosecuted in a just manner. Children are people, too. They have rights, too, and they have them under the laws and mandates of the United Nations General Council on Human and Civil Rights.

There has always been a strong Jewish influence in America and throughout the globe from the beginning of time. One can not proclaim to believe in God and denounce the Jews. Throughout history there has been one Holocaust after another. Christ was a victim of one such Holocaust. The story of the hundreds of thousands of children slaughtered by Herod’s fear of a baby is an example of one Holocaust. There is no segment of economic society on Earth not touched by the hands of Jewish laborers and founders: the garment industry, the medical field, scholarly endeavors, every genre of Arts and Culture, the sciences, military development, agriculture, the rail and shipping industries.

The roundup for Registration across Europe when Christ was born in Bethlehem is the same as Hitler and his SS Forces rounding up the Jews in Europe, confiscating their property, registering them and their families with the help of American-owned and built IBM computer equipment and the Hollerith machine — America’s punch card voting machine and voter’s registration equipment and process. Our current Census is performed in an identical manner to the actions taken in Nazi Europe long before the massive “Final Solution” of the Death Camps.

God help you, and He didn’t, if you had a relative seven generations back who was half or one-quarter Jewish. You were marked a Jew and, depending on your potential value, or the shade of your skin, handed a star of one color or another to match the colors in SS files, which determined when you would die, how long you might live and the quality of that life. This living nightmare eradicated – for hundreds of thousands – their belief in God. Understandable.


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