Bad and Badder

Monica Candeleria

Syllana Edwards, 15, Lawton, Oklahoma
Runaway. Identified with cousin, Monica Candeleria,  as being

According to the missing person report filed with Lawton police back in August of 2003, Syllana Edwards ran away from Parker Pointe girls home in Lawton. The home is geared towards young girls who are victims of neglect and abuse. Syllana Edwards was in DHS custody at the time she vanished.

Police state Syllana’s family is based in Texas. She entered Oklahoma DHS custody at the age of five when her mother went to jail. Upon release, the mother made no attempt to contact her daughter or DHS. She moved on with life. Syllana ran away with her cousins, Monica Vasquez aka Candelaria, and Shannon Edwards. Monica has been identified as  another victim of the same serial killer. The fate of Shannon Edwards is unknown.

All three girls, though minors, were also in and out of Oklahoma City’s City Rescue Mission and Salvation Army homeless shelters on more than one occasion before they vanished. They were in possession of false identifications and, even though such was reported to local police and staff neither wanted bothered.

Syllania Edwards, 15, Lawton, Oklahoma, runaway

New Mexico investigators identified Syllania Edwards and Jamie Barela as the youngest victims of the West Mesa serial killer. Syllania Edwards is believed to the only victim with ties outside of New Mexico. One of the victims was four months pregnant when murdered. All the victims had histories of drug use and prostitution. As of March, 2009, thirteen bodies had been identified. All the victims were reported missing between 2001 and 2005.

Fred Reynolds and Lorenzo Montoya were two of the original suspects in the West Mesa murders. Reynolds, a known pimp and drug dealer, had ties to at least one of the vicitms and countless “revealing” photographs of her and other area prostitutes when first arrested. He died of natural causes in January, 2009, without ever being charged with thses crimes.

Lorenzo Montoya lived less than two miles from the mass grave. In 2006 tire tracks were reported from his desert mobile home to the grave site. In December, 2006, Montoya strangled a teenage prostitute in his mobile home. Her boyfriend shot and killed Montoya.

Police in three states are also investigating a photographer/truck driver from Joplin, Missouri. Ron Erwin made frequent trips to state fairs in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.  According to his mother, Ron stopped visiting the New Mexico state fair the same time the homicide investigation begun. Federal agents confiscated more than 10,000 photographs from Erwin’s home. Photographs primarily of young women at various state fairs around the country.

Law enforcement now speculate the West Mesa serial homicides may be tied to the Long Island serial homicides.

In December, 2010, convicted serial killer Scott Lee Kimball, Colorado, told inmates and relatives federal agents had grilled him on some of these murders. He denies any knowledge of these particular murders.


3 thoughts on “Bad and Badder”

  1. Hello/ Your page is the only one that connects Monica Candeleria and Syllannia Edwards as cousins. You inform us her real surname is “Vasquez”. Another incredible piece of information from you is a third cousin (Shannon Edwards) absconded with the pair.
    I would love to believe that all except yourself missed these salient bits of information. But it all does not add up. Syllannia and her supposed cousin Monica are nearly a decade apart in age and at 22 or 26, depending on which website is to be believed, Monica would be a bit old for a girls group home.
    Syllannia is described as being the only one not to have links to Albuquerque. If she were a cousin of Monica that probably would not be the case.
    Its an absolute tragedy the circumstances in which all the girls and women met their ends. I hope they will not be forgotten and will receive justice. Starting with the reports and later with the justice system.

    Thanks for your time + effort. Best regards for the future | Erwin Makinde |

    • White Rose said:

      Monica was not in a Lawton Home for Girls. Syllannia Edwards was. She was removed from the custody of her dope addict mother at a young age and bounced foster home to foster home. She came to OKC looking for her birth mother. Learned her birth mother had moved to Texas with a new love. She managed to contact the pair, was rebuffed, and moved into City Rescue Mission with Monica Candeleria, who was registered at City Rescue Mission as Monica Vasquez. Syllannia was only 16 and residing illegally at City Rescue Mission with a false ID easily obtainable in any city in this nation, as are false VISAs and passports. I’m sure you know this, and probably know ample individuals in your city to contact to obtain such documents. I worked at City Rescue Mission both as a data entry clerk in Security and as supervisor for the Clothing Room and as Head of Donations for quite some time. I was there when Syllannia and Monica were there. Not only did I report her being underage and that warrants and missing persons report were out on her from Lawton, Oklahoma, but five other women did as well. The OCPD on paid duty ignored our pleas to help her as she was being lured back into a street life that we didn’t want to see her fall into. She was sweetheart. Quiet, polite, until she was introduced to drugs. This same spiral of evil permeates the homeless shelters in your city as well, as do sexual predators of all nationalities in said environments. Homeless shelters are also the “motel” of choice for drug dealers, serial killers, baby rapers just released from jail, all manner of criminals on the run from the law both nationwide and from other countries. Oklahoma City has become a hotbed of crimes as result of the influx of criminals and illegals from Mexico wrapped around the Mexican and South American drug cartels. The above 3 girls were murdered by a piece of garbage from St Louis with ample help from “associates” in New Mexico. Currently, another such investigation is underway in the state of Oklahoma wrapped around young girls Syllannia’s age being kidnapped from schools and off the street –not runaways, not in homeless shelters–but where they have a right to be. These girls are then being drugged, gang raped, and butchered. At least a dozen bodies have been found in the past 6 months between OKC and Tulsa. All are tied to a drug ring with ties to Mexico. None of the dismembered young girls were gang bangers, none were addicts, all were from good homes who wanted nothing to do with drugs, with being the “girlfriend” of a doper, nor did they want to be prostituted. This is now a federal investigation that could easily tie to the above serial homicide case with ties to St Louis, Missouri, a hotbed for serial killers of all nationalities. I know. I lived there for 2 years. I survived a black serial killer who targeted only white women, only on Sunday mornings while preparing for church with his white girlfriend and her webcam. In between, he drove for Bi-State Development Agency. All his victims were white; all were not female. But all were on specific Bi-State routes. My info on Syllannia is accurate. Your’s is not.

  2. I can not put in words the amount of sadness my heart holds from reading this. Mothers and fathers, we have got to find a better way to protect our children. they are all angels given to us from God.

    When is the value of life going to be more valuable……….

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