The vile Jew vermin.

Starving, the children would eagerly snatch the dangled pork, sometimes raw, sometimes left out for flies to lay their eggs in. If one is hungry enough, especially if you are a child, a bit of food crawling with maggots is no obstacle in the face of life.Their small tortured bodies swelled, primarily in the abdominal area as a result of toxic gas buildup caused by the body’s natural determination to remain alive. The body literally chewed itself up from the inside out. Painful edema of the face, hands, feet, and male genitalia ensued, causing painful bloody diarrhea lasting for weeks. This was an additional cause for brutality.

The children would be beaten and kicked if their bodies defied them and they soiled the grounds near the guards, or the floors of the camp staff offices when brought in for a round of fun and games. The children were beaten for not having bathed, at which point some were herded off to the “showers” to be gassed en mass with their mothers or while their mothers were forced to watch.

When nightfall arrived, married camp staff and commandants would go home to their confiscated Jewish homes and tuck their children into beds once slept in by Jewish children the same age as their own. The Nazi commandants read their children “good” German bedtime stories or indoctrination propaganda prior to hours of dedicated paperwork detailing the day’s labors and successes. Good German children were well rewarded, at ages as young as 6, for their bullying, harassment, beating, even murder, of Jewish children they once shared a swing with, or food, or laughter, or even whispers in the night at sleepovers in each others homes.

How do you explain to a child why his best friend now hates him? How do you explain to a child why he is being spit on, removed from school, no longer allowed in ice cream parlors, or his friends homes because of God? How do you explain to children why they are being beaten, spit on, slapped around, rocks thrown at them, their brothers and sisters raped and shot before their eyes by people who once fed them at Sunday dinner, or delivered Christmas and Hanakah presents, shared Passover? How do you explain hate to a child?

Camp children were beaten for still breathing. For still praying to their “stupid pitiful Jew God”. They were spit on. They were urinated on. They were defecated on. They had urine forced down their throats — as did Christ the day he was crucified. They were often given slabs of molded, bug-filled bread spread with “jam” made of fruit extract and human or animal feces.

The children were called ever foul, degrading name on the planet. Their names, if acknowledged at all prior to death, were bastardized. They were forced to witness the rape and murder of their mothers, their sisters, their friends, their brothers. They were forced to kneel in prayer before the entire camp then their heads were blown apart, their corpses kicked aside, and other Jewish inmates ordered to pick up the Juden trash.

Infants and toddlers were slammed against buildings then hurled through the air like a boomerang. Infant and toddler skulls were used to play field games, kicked across camp grounds like soccer balls. Their corpses were tossed onto “garbage heaps” of corpses, rotting trash and food from the camp staff living quarters, fueled with the contents of inmate latrines. The “garbage” would then be doused in gasoline or kerosene and set ablaze – until gasoline and kerosene became rationed for all, at which point fat inmate new arrivals were rendered down and the lard used as fuel. These burning pits were in addition to the “crematory” ovens.

Under the direct schooling of Dr. Josef Mengele the women and children were used in horrific medical experiments. They were subjected to unimaginable physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological torture beyond the scope of the decent human psyche to comprehend. They were herded into pressure chambers and their agonizing deaths viewed while the guards guzzled down beer or their favorite expensive wines and cognac, largely confiscated from the homes, distilleries, restaurants, wine cellars, and businesses of Jews.

The children were bathed in acid. Had acid put in their eyes. Forced to drink caustic liquids. They were tortured with electrical wires. Raped and sodomized with electric cattle prods and other devices. Raped with the genitalia of bulls and horses, with camp dogs, the acts recorded for propaganda purposes to “prove” how despicable and depraved these Jew vermin were in order to justify the slaughter.

On April 19, 1945, over 3,000 rolls of microfilm containing upwards of 3 million images were confiscated by US Liberation Forces from a synagogue turned Nazi SS Headquarters in Munich, Germany. These microfilms documented the horrors inflicted on the Children of the Holocaust. Some have only recently been released into archives available to the public. All should have been used in the Nuremberg trials – and those held in Israel.

All 300,000 plus of Hitler’s Elite given sanctuary and new lives in America should have been returned to Israel to stand trial and summarily executed for their crimes. Crimes punishable by death under laws established by the United Nations in 1948 under the rule of Kurt Waldheim, himself an Austrian anti-Semitic heavily involved in the Nazi Shoah of 40 million global Jews.

In today’s Shoah of murdered children, the stats are about the same: less than 5% of all guilty are ever sentenced to death. Life without parole is often overturned.

All too often state laws are such that, unless “beyond horrific” abuse was inflicted, those guilty of the brutal rape, sodomy, rape by device and instrumentation — including with cane stalks, such as Sean Lumpai of Trinidad — beating deaths of over 1 million children annually receive less than 20 years in prison. Some not at all since their crimes go undetected and, if caught, they have a “mental problem” fall back excuse.

These children die, some praying to their “stupid pitiful Jew God” to save them. Some call upon mothers and fathers already dead. Many cursed the names of their persecutors. All begged their abusers for help, for forgiveness of crimes they did not commit. Most die no longer believing in either God or man.

Boys had their genitals cut, partially severed, burned, smeared with their own feces or animal feces or whatever moved torturers that day as a means of amusement in these harsh times of war. Once infection set in, the children became lab rats for experimental drugs, or massive doses of narcotics. The raging temperatures and seizures from the massive infection became added justification for the slaughter of the innocents.



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