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"And God bless . . . . "

April 21, 2010, Baltimore, Maryland

Ria Ramkission, helped self-defined cult murder her 16 month old son and hide the body.

A year after she pleaded guilty to the child abuse death of her 16 month old son while living in the home of self-described cultist, Queen Antoinette, Ria Ramkission’s 20 year sentence has been overturned. Ria was born in Trindad & Tobaggo and raised a Hindu. She converted to Christianity as a teenager. She learned of this cult from a school friend who had moved in with the group several years previous. Ria, unhappy with her stepfather’s seeming abuse, took her 7 month old son, Javon, and moved into the cult house where Queen Antonette and her daughter took over all aspects of her life and the rearing of her son.

Ria has been assigned to therapy and Bible study classes in addition to 5 years probation. She has been undergoing treatment to reverse the effects of the controlling cult and to help her deal with the death of her son and the events which lead up to both his murder and the hiding of his body in Pennsylvania. The cult members, three of whom have been convicted of murder and other charges have been sentenced to a total of 60 years each. Former members of the cult, many of whom have children by the teenage son of the Queen, testified in the trials.

Javon and Ria Ramkissoon

January 10, 2008

Baltimore, Maryland —- Vernice Harris, a known crack addict and prostitute, was charged with the June, 2007, methadone murder of her youngest daughter Bryanna. The child was repeatedly beaten, punched in the stomach, then overdosed with methadone because she would not stay out of the way or be quiet while her mother partied. Vernice Harris was well known to both police, the court system, and CPS. She had other children removed from the home for child abuse, failed to appear in court, failed to show up for court ordered classes, failed to attend drug court, failed to attend rehab, ignored hearings on child custody, reliquished by failure to appear all rights to the older children.

Bryanna A. Harris, 2. Murdered June 5, 2007, by crack addict mother

CPS had been called numerous times since Bryanna’s birth and each time when CPS found the time to show up, they listed in their reports that “all is well” in spite of Vernice Harris’ history where her older children were concerned. The last visit was in April, 2007. Two months to the day later, Bryanna Harris was dead of a deliberate methadone overdose, brutally beaten, in a roach-infested filthy drug den and house of prostitution. She was ultimately convicted on manslaughter charges, in spite of her history of violent abuse of other children, other felonies, other court violations. She was remanded to a drug treatment center where she promptly began violating rules. On January 24, 2009, Vernice Harris was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the violation of her court ordered drug treatment.

March 29, 2011

St. Clair, Michigan

Andrea Angel Ziza, 28. Rape and Internet Prostitution of her Daughter

Andrea Angel Ziza, 28, has been arrested and charged with the sexual abuse and sexploitation of her 4 year old daughter after she sent a video of herself and her daughter in a “compromising situation” to a man she was chatting with on an Internet dating website. After viewing the video, the man called police who then executed a search warrant on the Ziza home. Her computer was confiscated as evidence and she faces additional charges on the federal crime of promoting the sexual abuse of a child via the Internet.

Andrea Ziza;s 4 yer old Daughter

If convicted, she faces a maximum of twenty years in prison. She currently remains in jail on a $50,000 bond. All of her children have now been taken into custody by the Michigan Department of Child Protective Services.

Update: On June 9,2011, Andrea Angel Ziza pleaded guilty to all counts lodged against her. She was sentenced to four years in prison for the rape and Internet prostitution of her four year old daughter. Having the balls to send a video of herself sexually abusing her daughter to a man on a chat dating website, she has done this before. Odds are she has done the same to her other children. She should have been sentenced to life. Hopefully, she will encounter some really hateful bitches with an attitude problem for women who rape kids, including their own.

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