Voice of Truth

“I have no race prejudice. I think I have no color prejudice, caste prejudice, nor creed prejudice. All that I care to know is that a man is a human being — that is enough for me. He can’t get any worse.” — Mark Twain

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who perpetrates it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is as much a part of it.”  — Martin Luther King, Jr.

“And will you profane Me among My people by killing people who should not die, and keeping alive those who should not live?”, saith the Lord — Ezekiel 13:19

Baby Girl Doe. Age 3. Georgia Cold Case

” I have never been more ashamed of being a black man than I am in today’s society. Blacks have become one of the most vicious races on the planet. Probably why they align themselves with the Nations of Islam. 

“The only race proud when their kids commit rape, even if the victim is his baby sister or another toddler. Proud when their kids are having babies at 12 or 13 to collect welfare with no hope of a future and no desire to be any better than they are now. Proud when their kids gun somebody down because he felt like it, or for enough money to buy dope.

” No matter how sickening and brutal the crime, no matter who the murder victim is — even a baby — they don’t know nothing. They didn’t see nothing. They didn’t hear nothing. Even when the victim is their own child. Their own mother. Their own sister. Even when the killer or rapist is their own father, or brother, or best friend, or husband or boyfriend, or wife, niggers will lie and protect each other all the way to Hell.” — September, 1995. Author’s interview with a St. Louis African-American Homicide cop, second generation: Cold Case and Special Victims Unit.    (the children)


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