Kid’s A Liar

Gregory Joseph Leary, 20. 1 of 7 Indicted for Rape of 7 year old

Gregory Leary, 20, and Timear Lewis, 19, two of seven wanted:
Gang members; drug dealers; pimps; repeat felons; child molestors
and baby rapers — One stop cop shop

Timear Lewis, 19. Trenton, New Jersey.

TRENTON — A city police source says the 15-year-old girl charged with promoting and facilitating the gang rape of her own 7-year-old sister has been less than cooperative with investigators seeking to make more arrests in the case. The 7-year-old was raped Sunday night at a party in the Rowan Towers public housing apartment complex in Trenton, where as many as seven male suspects held the young girl down, raped her and threatened to kill her if she screamed or told anyone about what happened, according to police.

 The 15 year-old brought her younger sister to the party, leaving her unattended in a living room while she herself engaged in sex with numerous partners for money. The teen handed the 7 year old a wad of cash, saying “let the boys do what they want to do.”

Both the 7-year-old and the 15-year-old relayed the same story to police. The multiple rape of the 7 year old was born out by a physical exam and DNA garnered during that exam. Today, a police source — speaking on condition of anonymity —  stated the 15-year-old has refused to name the male suspect involved in her activity or the rape of her younger sister.

The father of the two girls now insists the 7 year old is lying about the incident and half those arrested should be released. Perhaps Daddy was behind this? Perhaps Daddy was raking in the cash from the older daughter? Wouldn’t be a first.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Gregory J. Leary and Timear Lewis, 19, charging both with the rape of the 15-year-old, because while she may have participated willingly, she is too young to consent to sex with an adult. Both have also been charged with the rape and beating of the 7 year old. Police also announced today the arrest of 27 individuals residing in the Rowan Towers — people who were picked up on unrelated outstanding warrants, but who may be able to provide information to police.

” . . .brush your damn teeth and don’t lie to me again!”

April 26, 2010

Cape Coral, Florida,

Albert Griffin, 32,  was arrested after beating his 6 year old son for not brushing his teeth. The boy’s stepmother told police Albert Griffin beat the boy with a belt because the child lied to him.
April 16, 2010
Baltimore, Maryland

Rochelle Battle, 16

Jason Matthew Gross, 35, has been arrested and charged for the kidnapping and murder of 16 year old Rochelle Battle who vanished between her home and the public bus stop on March 6, 2009. Jason M. Gross is a repeat violent sexual predator. As of this date, there are few clues law enforcement is willing to share with the media and Rochelle’s body has yet to be found.
 As of this writing (9/11/11) there were no online updates on this case.
October 11, 2011: I received the following update via the Comments section today and not only wanted to get this posted but wanted to publicly thank the young woman who was kind enough to send this. I had not checked since Sept. 11.
Having 9 WordPress journals all dealing with intense topics requiring extensive research is exhausting but the issue of raped and murdered children, of young girls and teen boys exploited, and the issue of domestic violence matters to me or I would have chosen topics like hairstyles and the latest Mac ‘n Cheese variation. Unfortunately, I am behind on all my journals.
Out of respect to Rochelle, I apologize for not finding this link sooner. There are too many young girls Rochelle’s age who are being victimized and of late, it seems the only people who care enough to keep their faces and their names alive are online journalists. The story was provided by Mina Fatima Musa.
October 11, 2011: Jury Seated in the Disappearance of Rochelle Battle
Janet Perkins
St. Louis, Missouri

Vernon Brown, executed 2005

On October 26, 1984, Janet Perkins, 9 years old, left Cole Elementary School at 3:00 pm sharp and began the short three block walk home, as she did every day. Under normal circumstances, it took less than 15 minutes to make the walk. Less if she ran in snow or rain. Today was not to be a normal day in the life of this child.
Vernon Brown — then using the alias Thomas Turrier — picked up his stepsons at Cole Elementary School everyday and returned home. This day, as he watched Janet Perkins walk past his home — as he had daily for months — he called out to her and invited her inside. Brown’s stepsons and his neighbors all saw him talking to Janet on the front porch then watched as he held the door open for her.
Shutting and locking the front door, he ordered his sons to their rooms with warnings of what would happen if they came out before ordered to do so. Vernon Brown then dragged Janet Perkins, now in fear of him and for her life, to the basement of his home where he bound her wrists and feet with wire coat hangers, forced her into a kneeling position that put her face in line with his crotch, then stangled her to death with a rope as he forced her to do what he intended all along.
The following day, police found nine year old Janet Perkin’s body in two black trash bags, dumped in an alley behind Vernon Brown’s house.
In a video-taped confession, Vernon Brown confessed to the rape and murder of Janet Perkins and also confessed to the murder of Synetta Ford, whom he murdered on May 7, 1985. Vernon Brown aka Thomas Turrier was then also a major suspect in a string of unsolved child homicides in the wider St. Louis area.
Vernon Brown was sentenced to death. His execution date was set for May 18, 2005.  It was carried out at 2:35 am on that date.
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    • Another Oklahoma Rose said:

      October 11, 2011

      Mina, Thank you for providing the update link to the story on Rochelle Battle. I have posted an additional comment under her story thanking you for doing so in addition to approving your comment. Any time you can find links to stories concerning any of my posts in any of my WordPress journals, you are very welcome to post them. Any time you have stories on the victims as people, or information concerning the lives of the victims, you are very welcome to leave a comments in the specific journal itself, or you can contact me on my Facebook page

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