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Mental Illness as a Defense (meaning “Excuse”)

“When sociopaths exhibit what appears to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is feigned – not experienced – and serves an ulterior motive. Sociopaths often become outraged over insignificant matters yet remain unmoved and cold over issues – personal or social – which would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine – nor are their promises – the sociopath is totally incapable of love or loyalty to anyone or anything other than self.

They also do not have a problem telling others what they know you need to hear in order to accommodate their needs when they need you to. But that telling will usually only happen once. After that, you need to remember and pretend – for your own safety and well being – that the words spoken to you are truth.” — Psychopath vs Sociopath

Feed ‘Em, It’ll Be Alright
The issue of low income families and an inadequate supply of food in the home is cropping up more and more in the news lately as an excuse — a very weak one, at that — for vicious child abuse, starvation, even rape and murder. This has become the standard political platform and rote from every agency on the planet: Feed the Children, Larry Rice Ministries, Department of Welfare and Human Services, whatever the name and the game, the press release is the same to those asking why the incidence of child abuse and homicide is at an all time high in America.

When the economy worsens so does domestic violence and child abuse. Those are still excuses to justify the violence that already existed but may have been hidden or ignored by both law enforcement and the judicial system, until the family came within the stats of the social services systems. Or the press and county coroners’ offices.

This excuse is usually followed by statsand rhetoric on drug addictions and alcoholism. The stats are repeated year after year. The situation worsens as crimes worsen wrapped around these illegalities, which increases the welfare rolls, which increases crime, which increases the number of children born into the welfare system who are not wanted and are used to pad food stamps and welfare cash assistance doled out to pay bills — not hit the bars or casinos.

While I agree that the issue of malnutrition is part of the problem with child abuse, it is most assuredly not the primary issue, nor is it even a major issue in so far as the ability to provide food in the home is concerned. But malnutrition IS PART of child abuse. Food is used to keep the children compliant, to bait them into stealing because they are hungry, as rewards for doing whatever they were told and how they were told. I DO mean WHATEVER they were told.

Every neighborhood in America — regardless of  size — has at least two food pantries. Larger cities have no less than a dozen in every zip code neighborhood. Food can be obtained even if you have food stamps. Sometimes food stamps don’t cover the whole month, but they sure don’t if you sell them to your dope dealer. Even if you do, there is still no reason why your kitchen is not stocked to the hilt to feed your children. Nearly all churches or organizations with food pantries also have clothes closets.

The Salvation Army, food banks, church food pantries and clothes closets also provide holiday food baskets. All you have to do is sign up and come get the food, take it home, and cook. That doesn’t mean take the food around the corner and toss it into the back of your dope dealer’s car in exchange for a $10.00 hit of crack then go home and beat your kids for crying because they are hungry. This IS a major issue!!!

Conversely, malnutrition in conjunction with child abuse (regardless of the economic status of the family) is a very big aspect of child abuse but it is not the underlying factor. Most agencies, in dealing with the issue of child abuse and claiming to provide support to STOP the epidemic of child abuse and homicide are laying down a sheer layer of veneer to salve their consciences rather than dealing with the primary issue of the vicious abuse itself and working to toughen laws against the abusers.

Planned Parenthood exists for a reason. It is there to assist low income women in NOT getting pregnant in the first place and bringing a child into the world they can’t provide for and don’t want bothered with. Being pregnant has become a gang banger status symbol!! “Look at me! I can have sex! I’m all growed up!”, “Look at me! Know who baby’s daddy is? Guess? My baby daddy, he’s the head of so and so gang.” Good. Then comes labor and delivery.

“Baby daddy” ain’t there. He’s got a whole string of pregnant girlfriends, some in labor down the hall. He’s up in jail again and the police department has his last batch of dope money. You get out of the delivery room, hurting like Holy Bejesus, and now you have a squalling kid who pees his pants 8000 times a day, wants fed every 3 hours 7 days a week, needs a bath, poops his pants 7000 times a day 7 days a week, sleeps in between –waking up just as you decide to go to sleep, or want to go out — and all of a sudden it ain’t no fun no more

Baby Daddy don’t care, never did, ain’t there, ain’t paying the bills, ain’t paying the electric, all the cute stuff all the relatives gave you can’t be pawned for dope or money to go play or for a security deposit on the electric you need to run the microwave to heat the bottle to fed the squalling mouth of the food stamp chit that Baby Daddy was so proud of —- until the next chick got pregnant.

This is your third kid at 19 by 3 men none of whom are paying the bills, and Planned Parenthood is right up the street to give you free pills, council you on safe sex and AIDS, and adoption, and they were three kids ago. They were there when your girlfriend killed her kid and never went to jail cause “it was an accident” again.

Planned Parenthood was still right up the street the day the fire department arrived at your house to pull your dead kids – infant included — from the burning house where you left candles everywhere in broad daylight while you were outside with your sister, whose toddler also died just like his father did before he was born because “Baby Daddy” couldn’t stay out of trouble with the law and got dead in a dope deal gone bad — but he’s a hero.

And you’ll be pregnant again before the year is out, and that kid won’t be any better off than the ones you are now going to bury.

Beulah’s Baby

“Feed and talk to ‘em. It’ll be alright” seems to be the prevailing philosophy of these agencies and such is the proverbial ostrich in the sand syndrome. In the Book of Job, God likens Job’s critical friends to the ostrich who lays her eggs in the sand then abandons them, often crushing them under her feet as she walks away.

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