Marvin and Quanisha

Two NYC Teens Killed On Mother’s Day

Quanisha Wright, 16, and Marvin Wiggins, 15

May 11, 2010

Robert Mitchell, 24, and Dexter Green, 20, were arrested and charged in the murders of 15 year old Marvin Wiggins and 16 year old Quanisha Wright yesterday. Mitchell and Dexter Green returned to a birthday party for a toddler, vowing revenge after they were ordered to leave or police would be called and charges filed.

Robert Mitchell, 24, arrested

Dexter Green and Robert Mitchell crashed the party in a neighborhood rife with violence. Creating havoc from the moment they stepped through the doors, matters quickly escalated when Dexter Green was caught fondling a 12 year guest of the birthday child. Words heated up between the two men and the hosts and Green was pysically ordered to leave. He began yelling at Quanisha Wright’s grandmother. Quanisha and Marvin Wright quickly came to the aid of the elderly woman and the two uninvited guests were removed.

Dexter Green, 20, arrested

As he stood on the front porch yelling at those inside the home, he swore he would return with a gun. He did. Police and paramedics responded to a 2:00 am call to the home where they found Marvin Wiggins dying in his father’s arms. Crying as he begged his son not to die, the senior Wiggins told police his son kept saying: “I’m sorry, Dad. I’m sorry.” Marvin had nothing to apologize for. He was in the right as was Quanisha. Both kids were honor students and the world at their feet. Kids both families had ample reason to be proud of. Now these families, friends and church associates for a long time, are burying their kids because of two men with a long history of violence and area havoc.

Quanisha died almost instantaneously. She had just celebrated her very special Sweet 16 birthday only two days previous so the entire weekend was filled with celebration. Until Mother’s Day ended for the teens, and for Quanisha’s grandmother who had raised her. She was devastated at the events which ended her granddaughter’s life, and ended what had been a happy weekend.

Barbara Jo Woods

St. Louis, Missouri

Stanley Hall, executed 2005

On January 15, 1994, Stanley Hall and Rance Burton pulled into the parking lot of South County Shopping Mall in St. Louis. According to their statements to police, they were looking for a car to steal. There were plenty of options but they opted for the vehicle of the woman they had followed into the parking lot: Barbara Jo Woods.

They approached Barbara with a gun at their side, forced her into the passenger side of car and drove to McKinley Bridge where they ordered her out. A struggled insued and Barbara was shot. An incident which was witnessed by a passing driver who called the Venice, Illinois, police department. Barbara Woods fought with Stanley Hall. He eventually managed to throw her ninety feet off the bridge into the frigid waters of the river below. Burton drove off, leaving Hall to his fate.

Venice police arrived too late to save Barbara Jo Woods. Hall was immediately arrested where he waived his Miranda Rights and confessed to the murder of Mrs. Woods. Seven months later, half her torso watched up on shore. Hall was sentenced to death. He was executed at 12:06 am on March 16, 2005.

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