Renee Bowman and Special Needs Girls

Woman gets life for killing adopted daughters
Monday, March 22, 2010

ROCKVILLE, Md. – A Maryland woman who adopted three children despite a troubled past was convicted of murder. Renee Bowman, 44, was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of first-degree child abuse. A third adopted daughter survived the abuse. “You sentenced these two young innocent children in the dawn of their lives to a death chamber, and for you that option is not available,” Montgomery County Circuit Judge Michael J. Algeo told Bowman before handing down the maximum sentence — two consecutive life terms, plus 75 years in prison for the abuse.

The crimes are not eligible for the death penalty in Maryland. Then what is eligible? Murder, as long as it is your children — or a child in general — is not a death penalty crime in this state? Just as doctors in Delaware can go unpunished  for decades for raping babies and their cronies can go punished forever even though they knew, talked about it amongst themselves, but did nothing? Why is that?

Renee Bowman

 The girl’s older sisters, Minnet and Jasmine Bowman, were both younger than 10 when they died, though authorities were never able to determine exactly when the murders occurred. The surviving daughter stated she and her sisters were kept in a locked room in their Rockville home. “There was a bucket where we went to the bathroom because we weren’t allowed out of the room,” she said. McCarthy asked the girl where she had been beaten the worst. Asked to demonstrate on the bear, she pointed to its backside and its crotch. Renee Bowman’s former cellmate testified Bowman confided to her that she smothered the children

Jasmine ,9, and Minnet Bowman, 11

No one knew they were missing?! There are no records the children were ever enrolled in school anywhere, including those funded via government subsidies for special needs children within low-income families and the welfare system. Renee Bowman was paid handsomely for being a foster mother to special needs children. She had ample services at her fingertips. She had encounters with every government agency around prior to being allowed to legally adopt these children. Someone knew plenty. They are paid to know. It was their business to know.

Prosecutors said Bowman killed the girls while living in Rockville and took the freezer coffin along when the family moved, first, to Charles County and, later, to Lusby, in Calvert County. Renee Bowman showed no emotion as the verdict was read: guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of first-degree child abuse. Jurors deliberated about two hours.

Bowman was able to adopt the children despite being convicted of threatening a 72-year old man over damage to her vehicle from a traffic accident. In addition, she had filed bankruptcy as a means of financial management rather than practicing common sense spending habits. She also has a history of alcohol and drug abuse. All of which should have excluded her from even consideration as a foster parent never mind for adoption of three special needs children!

Would greater care have been given in the selection of a home for these children if they had not been special needs children? Would greater care have been given if they had been white or another nationality? If so, then why wasn’t greater effort put forth in the first place to find homes for these children before Renee Bowman ever made an application to do so? And who had the brilliant idea in the first place for her to adopt these kids, or even be a foster parent?

Sure was not a love for children! In spite of the fact the money she received was real fine, there are easier ways to make money! Was this her plan all along? Sounds like it to me. Renee Bowman gave birth to several of her own children, all of whom were taken from herand put up for adoption as a result of her drug use and abuse of them. So why wasn’t her DHS friend prosecuted as well?

Where was the public outcry over this case as in NYC over Nitzmary Brown? These children were of no importance to anyone, anywhere, including Child Protective Services, so to get supervisors off your behind because these girls were still in foster care after so long – and were thus so as a result of parental abuse and violence by those who birthed them– lets just stick ’em any old where? Sort of like Erika Green?

Who was the caseworker in the original child custody case, and from what state? Did Renee Bowman stalk the family or families that adopted her birth children as other parents have done who have lost custody of their children including for sexual abuse and prostitution? Did anyone bother to check? Where is a “father” in this story? Does Maryland have a policy and habit of placing special needs children in the household of a single woman with a history of illegal drugs and child abuse?

I don’t have a problem with single women with jobs, a clean drug and alcohol history, a clean home, no felony record, and a helluva lot of love being an adoptive single mom to any number of children she feels she can raise equally, fairly, and well.

I don’t have an issue with successful, loving adoptive gay parents either. But I have a damn big ass issue with corruption and shove the kids under the bed or in the closet to be rid of them and place abused kids into another abusive environment with a lazy bitch you already know abused her own kids and is only in it for the money.

How many other Special Needs children of all nationalities have been victimized thusly on both a national level and in Renee Bowman’s home state of Maryland and the three other states she fled to with her surviving and violently abused children and a freezer with dead kids in it?

While living in the hell of St Louis, Missouri, after the Murrah Bombing, there was more than one investigation of the rape of “special needs” children and the subsequent terrorism of them prior to trial by convincing the victims they didn’t really have anything bad happen to them, they really didn’t remember things as they really happened.

The press and prosecutorial agencies then go on to keep the face and memory of the convicted alive, making every excuse under the sun for his or her violent behavior, while attempting to erase the face and the life of the victims, especially when those victims are women and children.

This tactic is called damnatio memoriae. The victims of this practice just are not nobles. They are average citizens and children. The Nazi regime and the corporate and governmental powers of dozens of nations, including the United States, have done the same with the 40 million Jews slaughtered globally in the Shoah, wiping out of history — literally — their names, entire towns, entire blocks of Jewish owned businesses and all records thereof (while IBM and Hollerith maintained records FOR the Nazi Regime of every action taken, every person murdered, every place they were killed, every item stolen from them, every home burned, every business confiscated, every piece of property anywhere on earth taken, bartered, bought, or used as ransom by family members to release their captive and doomed relatives. This even occurred on American soil. I am a victim of such actions, as has been my son because of his father’s deceased relatives who perished brutally in the Holocaust of Nazi Germany.

The elimination of and the alteration of, with words or pain, the “semantic” memory and the “episodic” memories: Damnatio Memoriae.

Interesting research, psychological terrorism.

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