August 22, 2010
Queens, New York

Gang Violence

In a Queens housing complex infested with drugs and ravaged by crime, the young woman stood out. Her clothes were expensive and revealing. She rarely socialized outside of her circle. She walked the halls of her Almeda Ave. apartment building in Far Rockaway with a confidence that some found off-putting.

“She was real professional, like a little bit stuck up,” said a 19-year-old resident who identified herself as Kayla. “Not too friendly. … Just businesslike.”

It wasn’t an act, cops say. The girl, who looked old enough to be in college, was busted last week for selling crack to an undercover cop. Her arrest alone didn’t come as a total shock to the residents who had seen her coming in and out of an apartment known to be a drug den. But one detail emerged which allegedly stunned neighbors and remained the talk of the building days later: The girl was only twelve. She was also a member of the street gang Hollywood Hustlers. She celebrated her 13th birthday in jail.

Police say the girl was part of a drug operation that spanned two housing complexes and supplied the neighborhood with crack, marijuana, OxyContin and powder cocaine.

Terrence Jenkins, 21, was charged under a 2006 law that makes it a felony to have a child sell drugs on an adult’s behalf. Some 35 other people linked to the drug ring also were arrested last week. Police say Jenkins, part of a gang known as the Handsome Hustlers, had a harem of women at their beck and call. The other girls smoked pot and had sex with the dealers in exchange for drugs and pocket money, sources said. The 13-year-old did not. She was dealer.

Man convicted in 1992 Gang Murder of 9 Year Old Arrested Again

Chicago, March 5, 2010

George Wyatt,  35, pleaded guilty to the March 8, 1992, murder of Anthony Felton, and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. He was paroled in 2008, he was 18 at the time of his arrest with two other minor gang members: one 13, the other 19. George Wyatt, like most other felons, learned nothing positive from his prison time. He now faces a felony charge of failure to report his current address to authorities — a requirement for anyone convicted of murdering a child — and a misdemeanor theft charge. Wyatt was ordered held in lieu of $350,000 bail in a bond hearing today before Cook County Criminal Court Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr.

At the time of the murder, prosecutors said Wyatt and two other gang members wanted to avenge an earlier slight by rival gang members when they shot at a group of people hanging around their home. Wyatt handed the gun to 13 year old Rodnell Dennis, who pleaded guilty in 1993 and was sentenced to 39 years in prison. The third man involved, Brian Dawson, then 19, was convicted under the Illinois Accountablity Law and sentenced to 32 years.

Imprisoned at Home

Jenner School Slaughter

Chicago, Illinois, 1992

Dantrell Davis, age 7, was killed in route to school with his mother and had less than a ten yard walk from his door to that of the Jenner School. Because of the heavy gang violence in the area, and particularly that targeted at students from Jenner and the public housing complex across the street, security was high. It was not enough to protect Dantrell. . . . rest of story here

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