Unworthy Heroes

Lawrence Taylor, Arrested for Rape and Prostitution of Minor
Brooklyn, New York
May 6, 2010

Lawrence Taylor given probation in rape and beating of 16 yr old runaway

Former Giants linebacker, Lawrence Taylor, can’t – as usual for the infamously famous – make up his mind what the truth is. Upon his arrest, and appropriately pitiful-faced booking photo, Taylor and his high-dollar lawyer adamantly stated Lawrence Taylor was set up: both for statutory rape of a 16 year old girl battered by a pimp who picked her up a bus station four weeks previous after learning she was a runaway.

Typically of this crime, worsening daily as a result of the nearly uncontrollable international drug trafficking, the pimp displayed kindness towards the pretty young girl, offered her place to stay. Once she was in his clutches, Rasheed Davis — with a long criminal history that is getting longer and of which he is proud — began to beat the girl, forced her to use drugs, took nude photos of her which he put online where he ran his prostitution business all across NYC, price quotes, photos, ages, and all. Rasheed Davis then set about filling “orders” from his online clients, delivering their “orders” directly to their hotel rooms, places of business, or elsewhere.

If the “package” balked, as did the young woman in Taylor’s case, she was beaten repeatedly, drugged, threatened, her family threatened, whatever necessary to achieve “customer service and satisfaction”.  As a result of this case, Rasheed Davis has been charged with federal sex trafficking of minors in Manhattan Federal Court.

Additional charges are expected to be added, which would include the prostitution of minors over the internet under the FBI’s Innocent Images Initiative and Innocence Lost Initiatives, federal investigative programs established to tackle, prosecute, and halt the worsening crime of prostitution of children over the internet and the crimes affiliated with the rape of children, which includes kidnapping, narcotics, pornography, and all too often, murder.

The dead victim is then disposed of like last night’s crumpled bag of McDonald’s burger wrappers. Always other kids. The photos, where teens are concerned, are also used as blackmail to keep the victim compliant and/or to coerce money out of family members to turn over the victim. In the case of runaways, it is too easy to keep these kids victims right under the noses of law enforcement. Crimes against children and child abuse is that out of control in America.

Upon his arraignment, Lawrence Taylor admitted “contracting” a prostitute from Rasheed Davis for the amount of $300, double the amount for whatever “favors” he required that Rasheed quoted online. According to Lawrence Taylor, he had no idea the girl was a minor. The age of consent in New York is 17. According to Rasheed Davis and his accounting system, Taylor knew perfectly well how old the girl was and, in fact, had requested a young girl. Rasheed states Taylor actually wanted someone younger than the 16 year old girl he got, who showed up with bruises on her from Rasheed Davis’ abuse. That little mattered to Taylor. He was the client. He paid. He wanted. He took. And rape is what he paid Rasheed Davis for.

Lawrence Taylor has been in trouble with the law before, just like any number of his fellow associates within the sports industry. They expect and demand to get off. They expect and demand and pay lawyers high dollar fees to get them off the charges — regardless of the crime. O.J. Simpson is one find example of this, and he also has not stayed out of trouble since the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, which some believe was a hit gone bad and which has perpetrated copy cat crimes from others in sports industry and in other socioeconomic levels of society. O.J. Simpson has become a Homicide Hero, including to Lawrence Taylor.

In spite of previous statements to the contrary, Taylor’s current ex-wives and his current wife, contend poor, poor, maligned and misunderstood Lawrence Taylor, superhero, not only was NOT with a hooker in his Holiday Inn Hotel, room #160,  the night Rasheed Davis delivered a battered runaway to his bed. A bed he had just arrived from Newark Airport to occupy.  But he would no more think of doing such a thing as this let alone with a minor. He was in town “for golf” with friends. I’m sure that’s what he told his current wife and current ex-wives. He had before. But some women will put up with anything, absolutely anything, for a man with money: including pedophilia and pornography.

Lawrence Taylor admitted  in court, before a judge, during his arraignment that he contracted a hooker but not an underage one. And further more, he has been off drugs and clean for several years. His bail was set at a paltry $75,000 and the judge dismissed him, his whining, and his cadre of women and high dollar lawyers from the courtroom so he get on with more important people. That’s what the judge said. And, depending on the outcome of this trial, he is right.

Lawrence Taylor and his ilk are not above the law and they need to stop being treated like “special cases” and demigods. The same sentence that would be and has been handed down for the same crime to pimps like Rasheed Davis and to cab drivers, garbage collectors, doctors and others should be slammed against the Lawrence Taylors of the world, including their corporate ownership, advertisers, and counterparts — many of whom are as guilty of these crimes on their turf.

Lawrence Taylor is 51. He knows exactly when a female in his presence is his age or a minor. He is as innocent as a grizzly with a sheep carcass in his mouth.

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