Domestic Violence

Missing Woman Found Dead under Hotel Mattress
Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sony Millbrook. Mother. Murdered by LaKeith Moody, January 27, 2010.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. –  On January 27, 2010, Sony Millbrook was reported missing to the Memphis Police Department after she failed to pick-up her children from school. Officers were notified shortly thereafter. Apparently LaKeith Moody had readied the children for school and dropped them off before disappearing with Sony Millbrook’s car. Her 5 children had been staying with them in the motel and were no doubt witnesses to her murder. LaKeith Moody is the father to four of Sony Millbrook’s 5 children. Family members advised officers that they checked the hotel where Sony Millbrook resided and she was not there. The family indicated no one was in the room. Sony had been staying at the Budget Inn, Room 222,  and was last seen at 7:00 am by a staff member who advised officers the room had been locked out for lack of payment but all personal belongings were still inside the apartment. Officers contacted the Budget Inn to verify this information via telephone.

LaKeith Moody. Murdered Sony Millbrook and stashed her body under hotel mattress before leaving with 5 children.

The case was initially assigned to Missing Persons. In February, the case was officially turned over to the Homicide Division. A follow-up investigator learned Ms Millbrook had not made a payment since January 26th, 2010. As a result and her belongs were boxed up and the room released. The room had been rented three times between January 29th and February 4th. Millbrook’s boyfriend, LaKeith Moody, who had been staying in the hotel with her, immediately became the prime suspect. He was arrested and remanded to jail and charged with probation violation for being in possession of a firearm. When arrested, LaKeith Moody was driving Sony Millbrooks’s car, which had also been reported missing.

On March 15, 2010,  Homicide Investigators were called back to the Budget Inn – room 222 – where the decomposing body of an African-American female had been located under the bed. Tenants and housekeeping staff had been complaining of a nasty odor but no one, including police and homicide investigators, saw fit to move the mattress and box springs off their metal platform frame: the most obvious hiding place of all. The body was identified as Sony Millbrook.

The room had been rented 5 times – and allegedly thoroughly cleaned -numerous times since January 27th. As of October, 2011, I could find no updates on this case.

Apparently this is a common phenomenon: murdered bodies left in allegedly clean motel rooms, re-leased, with countless complaints before something is done. Read on:

Couple’s slaying stuns small-town
Brookshire, Texas
March 12, 2010

Janella Edwards and Stanley Jackson. Murdered in their Brookshire, Texas, home.

BROOKSHIREAs a homeowner, Stanley Jackson’s pride showed in his well-manicured lawn, adorned with decorative statues and miniature palm trees in the back yard. It was the envy of the neighborhood. As a part-time home businessman, he knew how to work with his customers. If someone couldn’t pay the full price for the clothes he sold, Jackson often cut them some slack, relatives said. So when he and his wife, Janella Edwards, were found dead on Thursday — each shot in the head — this small Waller County community was stunned!  They were baby-sitting their godchildren, two young daughters of Mayor Joey Vaughn, when murdered. It is highly possible the killer was unaware the children were in the home or they, too, might have met the same fate. The children were asleep. The oldest child found the bodies the following morning and hid in a bathroom with her cell phone while calling her mother.

As of September 11, 2010, there had been no indictments in this double murder. Odds are, given the corruption in this small Texas town of 4,000, with a string of recent violent murders and a history of crimes around the mayor’s office, the killer is close to home and well known by the couple. Brookshire, Texas, has not had an honest mayor or other city leaders in at least two decades. Some stories on this crime list the murdered couple as the parents of the two girls. Other stories state they were merely the godparents. This story smacks of cover-up.

On April 30, 2010, Mayor Joey Vaughn and his ex-wife, Jessica Chavez, were charged with assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct for an incident occurring in October, 2009. Before you scream “Probably whites killed these two” better click on the link to Mayor Vaughn and research the history of this predominantly black and Hispanic town.

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