Reverend Carolyn Daniels. Murdered Sunday, August 23, 2009. Anadarko, Oklahoma

From Oklahoma City: Reverend Carolyn Daniels

The clock continues to tick on state investigators trying to solve the vicious homicide of 61 year old Rev. Carol Daniels, (African-American) whose nude and mutilated body was found August 23, 2009, inside her small Anadarko church. Authorities have not announced any persons of interest.

Rev. Carol Daniels was an awesome woman. She deserves better treatment than this from both the religious communities and the Black Community. Not one story of them banding together to HELP find the person or persons involved in this brutal murder. Not one. But there are numerous blogs written by individuals who took it upon themselves to interfer with a police investigation and decided to talk to whomever wherever and whenever, then write and post online whatever they please. Some of these individuals are now, with no evidence whatsoever other than an awesome black woman minister was brutally raped and slaughtered in her church in an Indian town in Oklahoma, that she was the victim of white racial violence!! All clues lead to her brutal murder by an unknown individual. Standard proceedure is the investigation of family members first since, 85% of the time, brutal homicide can be traced to one or more family members and or their associates.

In the case of Carolyn Daniels, her church was in an Indian town with a very high amount of drugs and alcohol and now — in the past four years — an extremely high rate of street people, mostly African-American.

Carolyn Daniels dealt with these individuals on a daily basis. This woman has helped untold hundreds within the Oklahoma City area for decades, and that most assuredly includes the White Community. There was not an evil bone in her body. She was awesome!! With the exception of the hateful mouths perpetrating racial violence around a brutal murder they probably know a lot about from a first hand perspective, we have heard nothing positive. Nothing. Not one person of any nationality has come forward with any information or clues unless it was going to garner them some press time, including a black street drunk and addict who now claims he saw it all and police wouldn’t listen to him but he didn’t say anything at first because he didn’t think anyone would believe him. Well, probably not and rightly so since this very black man living in alleys and out a stolen grocery cart has a criminal record a mile long and was evicted from every Oklahoma City shelter in existence.

He only recently got sober enough to recall all he saw and only recently, without the aid of a bottle, got the courage to speak up: to a fool with a microphone Perhaps we’ll hear from them when someone is arrested. For sure we will if the creep is of the same ethnic group as Carol Daniels. The noise won’t be for HER justice, it will be to protect the killer/rapist. And that has not one thing to do with one word the Lord ever spoke. Not one.

I knew Rev. Daniels. Not well, but we talked on more than one occasion. Carol Daniels was a busy woman, the mother of a huge family, the grandmother to a dozen or so babies she will never see grow up. She was in and out of every homeless shelter in this city. Not many places Carol and her Bible haven’t been. And the final place her Bible needs to be is smack up against the head of whomever murdered and savagely raped her.

Carol’s church was small. Real small. But love grows best in little houses. This was the type church I had been looking for. A small, old fashioned, down home, little wooden country church with a real cross and real folks. No hoopla. No sound stage. No cameras. No New Life Church. No theatrics. No Billy Graham or Oral Roberts. No Jimmy Swaggert.

Just God, and folks, and Carol. That’s gone now. Desecrated. And a year later, the town tore down her church. No one took over her church services. They shut the doors and buried her Bible with her. The church should have become a tribute and memorial to Carolyn. Her family owed her and her memory and all that mattered to her that much, but they couldn’t be bothered. Sad does not cover it all.

The only thing left of Carolyn Daniel’s church: a photo. Even her family couldn’t wait to tear down all that had been Carolyn for the past nine years.

Other than family members and those who knew her well, including those from without the Black Community, there has been no outcry of injustice for this awesome woman: not even by state or national black leaders, the NAACP, Oprah. Religious organizations. No one. Only a few of us who knew her, not well, but admired her and remember her. We have now become her voice.

And the killer moves on. No doubt to repeat his crime. Given the vicious nature of Carolyn’s murder, the likelihood of her death being a first time one-shot incident is nil. All serial killers have family. They all have family who knew, who said nothing, some of whom even aided and abetted. This time will be no different.

When an arrest is made, it will be made from another law enforcement agency, not the Anadarko police, or even the Oklahoma City police departments. Not because Carolyn was African-American but because they are  just too damned incompetent and insensitive to be believed!! And, of course, overworked. Half the OCPD needs to find other jobs. They are just too stressed out and worn thin. Within the past month (this added Oct. 2, 2010) there have been a string of arsons in the Tuttle-Andarko-Chickasha towns, along with several bizarre and brutal murders quite similar to that of Carolyn Daniels.

Window to Peace

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