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It is extremely difficult to hang onto your sanity and ingrained belief in God when from generations immemorial your people have been persecuted and slaughtered, sent to death camps, their lives and businesses and homes looted, stolen, burned, bulldozed,  for that very belief.

When your faith falters – a human emotion in the face of persecution for faith – your entire psyche is torn apart: guilt and survival. Survival vs. faith. The belief in the invisible vs. the torture and unbelievable cruelty of the visible. Apartheid was – and in some areas still is – a system of legal racial segregation that existed in South Africa from 1948 through 1994, enforced by the National Party government in power during that time and enforced primarily by black Army officers and soldiers, trained under the Nazi regime which, in part, immigrated to Africa prior to the end of WWII when the Death Camps were being liberated. This was another point proven by Hitler and the Nazi regime: even when you have weapons in your hands, and extensive training to kill, your will turn on your own people first before you will turn on the enemy who leads you, then when the opportunity arises, you will blame rescuers and those you slaughtered before you will blame and denounce Satan amongst you: putting the blame where the blame belongs. Then you will claim to believe in God — whatever your religion may be, while killing not for God but because of God.

Apartheid as an official policy was enacted after the general elections of 1948. Racial segregation had existed in South Africa since colonial times. To improve society, the African nations gave safe haven to over 1,000 of Adolf Hitler’s Worst-of-the-Worst, placing them in positions of authority and control. During the Holocaust years, it is estimated that nearly 60,000 African citizens, some white, some British, but all in Africa, were killed in labor camps within Africa. Just as they were all across the globe, many were just shot on site, regardless of nationality or belief. Just because.

The discovery of diamonds in South Africa around 1900 resulted in an English invasion which sparked the Boer War. Following independence from England, an uneasy power-sharing between the two groups prevailed until the 1940’s, when the Afrikaner National Party gained a strong majority. Strategists in the National Party invented apartheid as a means to cement their control over the economic and social system. Initially, aim of the apartheid was to maintain white domination while extending racial separation. Starting in the 60’s, a plan of “Grand Apartheid” was executed, emphasizing territorial separation and police repression. Unbridle greed also promotes violence and when that greed is wrapped around a natural, national resource, and wars break out for control of the resource and its potential profits, genocide has also arisen. Diamonds, ivory tusks, gold, emeralds, illegal trafficking in exotic animals for furs or zoos,  all have been the reasons behind numerous African genocides since the beginning of time. At least half of these were carried out at the hands of other black Africans.

The original strain of AIDS (which has now mutated) was passed on to Africans via the barbaric custom of eating monkey brains while the still living monkey screeched and writhed in agony. The Rhesus monkey, one of a couple prized in this custom, has a blood type nearly identical to that of humans. Were it not for this monkey, and human medical experiments, we would not have our current blood typing system which eliminated the outrageously high incidence of deaths as a result of incorrect blood type transfusions, even among family members. As of 2003, 12 million children had been left orphans in sub-Sahara Africa because of AIDS. Another holocaust. And one that, it is strongly suspected, has its roots in Nazi medical experiments with biohazards as weapons of war and human eradication. Understand: that tally is JUST IN SOUTH AFRICA. Each year there are thousands of new cases of AIDS reported, primarily among women and children, as a result of rape: not drug use, not an ‘alternative’ lifestyle — but RAPED. Each year there are hundreds of women infected with AIDS as a result of unfaithful husbands and boyfriends. Sadly, the greatest increase as of 2008 was among African-American teenagers.

I learned many of the aborted fetuses were sold for medical experiments: umbilical cord blood for research of AIDS vaccines for children and infants, for transfusions because the blood of the unborn is pure, uncontaminated with bacteria that enters their bodies the moment they draw their first breath; tissue transplants because newborn tissue and organs, especially the liver, cause few if any rejection issues in the transplant patient, expand with the growth of the transplant patient, and cause little long-term scarring.  Due to inherited genetic markers, organ transplants for African-Americans is difficult and often takes a long time to find. This has nothing to do with race, except for the unusual genetic coding of the black community which renders it impossible at best to transplant the organs of another race and have a success ration above 2%. This is a medically researchable fact. Thus, all of the aborted fetuses were “recycled” as much as possible. This is so too wrong.Have your tubes tied! Get a hysterectomy! Take birth control pills but stop using abortion as a means of “birth control”! Some women have aborted a child at this late stage to spite a man who abandoned them after she manipulated herself into getting pregnant for additional foodstamps or to force him into marriage or because of a man who did not want to rear another man’s child. Some women have even killed their own children for these same reasons, so stood idly by while her “man” beat the child to death, or raped and beat the child to death.

Stop using babies as a deposit into your TANF and food stamps account! There is a serious need in America for mandatory sterilization and population control. There are free clinics all over everywhere. There is no excuse for getting pregnant in today’s society, regardless of your economic status. In fact, homeless women get better medical care than low income women!! Better than low income seniors. Better than most middle income families.

As violent crime and brutal child homicide increases, many of us now wonder why the abortionist did not abort the parents with the child. According to the press and a Hungarian church keeping a billboard tally of this particular racial slaughter by the African-American community against their own, St. Louis, Missouri, averaged 10,000 third trimester abortions every year for the five years in which the stats were kept! 50,000 murdered African-American babies in five years —– dead at the hands of their parents. This is how brutal and cold-blooded the American African peoples have become. When children are supposed to be our nation’s future, we have precious little of one when babies are raising babies with no moral or ethical foundation nor leadership worthy of admiration and emulation. When parents have no qualms about chopping off the heads of their children and dumping their tiny corpses out with the trash, America not only has no future, we have NO HOPE of a strong admirable black community willing to police their own and develop something truly worthy of everyone’s pride!

These acts are not only racial violence of the worst sort, it is your own self-imposed Apartheid. The infliction of which has nothing whatsoever to do with any nationality other than your own.

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