Dr. German Enrique Moreno Rojas, child rapist

August 19, 2011

After Dr. German Enrique Moreno Rojas was arrested in 2005 on charges ranging from indecency with a child to sexual assault, he fled Texas, where he had arrived from his native Costa Rica after being investigated and convicted of crimes against children. Throughout four years of investigation, Costa Rica pulled his medical license after much public outcry over why he had been allowed to practice in the first place with a history of child rape, and several convictions for same.

Parents also wanted to know why Moreno Rojas was not in prison. Fearing this was about to occur, the doctor fled his native country for the United States and Texas where he set up another practice. He also set up another practice from his clinic: that of drugging, raping, and sodomizing his young patients after befriending them and their families. Most of his victims were boys.

Arrested, released on bond, again for the same crimes which caused him to flee Costa Rica, Moreno Rojas returned home. Since then, he’s been operating a medical clinic in Carmen Playa. Now, Moreno has been arrested after a teen came forward in Costa Rica to say that Moreno had molested him. Costa Rica won’t allow Texas to bring Moreno to trial here, though, saying the country’s laws shield him from extradition. Moreno had worked as a family doctor in the Houston area.

He has been arrested again and charged in Costa Rico with the rape of minor child after a teenage boy, Abraham Isaac, came forward and reported Doctor Moreno-Rojas for rape and sodomy. More charges are expected as additional victims come forward.

The assaults on the then 11 year old boy went on for years and involved more than child during sleepovers at Moreno-Rojas’ home. To keep the boys quiet, he gave them what he called “vitamins” which were actually tranquillizers to put them out so he could inflict his abuse without neighbors hearing him or the other boys witnessing each other’s rape and sodomy. The following morning the boys would not recall what happened to them. All they knew was that they hurt in their bottom and private parts.

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