Madonna Syndrome

There are only two crimes women commit as frequently as men, larceny being the first and, the second, the brutalization of their own children. Women, who statistically commit 20% of all violent crimes in the United States, commit 65% of all parental murders and are quicker to allow their lovers to do as they please with their children than are their male non-violent counterparts.

Although the judiciary as a whole is beginning to realize that all mothers are not the Holy Mother — the Madonna Syndrome — this archaic mindset still prevails in enough cases that women who premeditatedly commit violent crimes against their children are usually deemed to suffer from mental issues — the most common being postpartum depression (even 5 years or more after the birth of their last child) and bi-polar disorder — and are usually remanded to a mental hospital rather than to death row.

Since the beginning of time society has made a division between the roles of mothers and fathers with fatherhood being secondary in nature to the psychological make up of men and motherhood being an overwhelming need in women.

Men are supposed to be guardians, fighters, protectors, defenders of hearth and beyond, providers, avengers of wrongs. When they stray over the boundaries and become killers of their wives and children, men are viewed as evil personifed, as spitting in the face of God. They are.

Women are viewed as nurturers, nesters, keepers of the home, the one responsible for caring for children and all their needs. Only in recent history has that also included religious and educational training which, in earlier times (and in some countries still today) was reserved strictly for men and teen boys. When women kill they have, in the past and often times now, been viewed as merely disposing of their own personal belongings, rather like a tampon or old clothes. In the minds of all too many, that is precisely how they view their actions.

The facts are there is NO divisional differences between the psyche and psychopathy of men and women. There have always been female killers as vicious and as brutal, as sexually destructive and sadistic, as their male counterparts. In far too many cases, women are more willing to inflict acts of tortures on others –even their own children and family members — without a shred of guilt than are men in the same situation. In 90% of all instances where a mother murders her children she did so as an act of revenge against someone SHE loved who loved the children but had either ceased to love her or never did. This is called the Medea Syndrome.

The judiciary and the psychological communities worldwide devote more time and energy to finding answers to the “Why?” concerning mothers who prostitute and murder their children than they ever have from the identical issue of fathers who murder their own families. Rarely are the sentences the same and they need to be.

The fact is, when someone murders their own children they do so for the same reason they murdered a grocery store clerk or anyone else: because they felt like it. The same holds true for parents who rape and prostitute their children.

The stories profiled online, regardless the number of websites and blogs devoted solely to the epidemic of murdered children, is only 35% of the total number of cases of violent child abuse and murder in America today.

Love and devotion apparently died on the cross.

Passion of Christ

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