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On June 3, 2008, Tyler, Texas, police arrested Demontrell Lamar Miller, 21, for the beating death of his girlfriend’s 2 year old son, Kelynn J’Davion Pinson, on Sunday, June 1, 2008.  He has been charged with capital murder. Kelynn was found by paramedics unconscious at the Hidden Springs apartment complex on Shiloh Road in Tyler. The toddler later died of his injuries, slowly and painfully bleeding to death internally over a period of three hours.

There were also extensive signs of additional abuse found on the toddler, discovered both by paramedics and hospital ER staff. Injuries later confirmed by the ME’s office to be the result of repeated child abuse and battering.


Kelynn Pinson, 2. Murdered by the monster in Momma's Bed

All of course, Demontrelle Miller states occurred as he was trying to save the boy from drowning in the pool of the apartment complex where he resided with Kelynn’s mother, Ceola Pinson, and their 5 month old son. Ted Bundy was cited by Seattle Police for saving a 3 year old girl from drowning. A child, it later turns out, belonged to a woman he was stalking using his 9/11 position and a cop’s uniform. It is suspected the mother was intended to be another of his victims and Bundy was actually trying to drown the child when something or someone stopped him and the act took on the guise of Bundy the Savior.

On November 16, 2009, Demontrell Lamar Miller was sentenced to Death for the brutal murder of two year old Kelynn J’Davion Pinson. Next to Kelynn’s  picture, prosecutors hung the toddler’s blood-stained shirt. After the conviction of Demontrell Miller for capital murder the DA stated to the press his client was innocent, too nice and polite to ever have been so brutal to anyone let alone a child.

Julia Jordon, Demontrelle Miller’s mother, stated — as is always the case — that her beloved son was innocent of all charges and was a good provider for Kelynn and his infant brother. Every criminal on the planet — with the exception of Islamic terrorists, politicians, and serial killers — proclaim their innocence, even when caught dripping in blood and flashing the evidence on the internet and cell phones.

I don’t know who, or when, laws were established to give a convicted felon the right to further embellish their crimes by bleeding taxpayers dry for their support and legal council for appeals taking 5 to 20 years before they are finally executed but that needs changed. Call it a desparately needed budget cut. There should be no more than 5 years maximum to complete the appeals process. If you don’t use it, so be it. Your choice. Then grab your Bible and let’s go. Get ‘er done, Hon.

Nor should politicians — including governors and the president — be allowed to overturn a death sentence from any state. Period. We have had, still have, presidents who have overturned the death penalty on some of the Worst of the Worst: serial killers and child rapists as vicious and proud as the Nazi Regime. This is not right, nor should it be their right.

Nor should felons convicted in America of crimes, any crime but especially rape and murder, be allowed to appeal to their embassy or garner international press and political support. Go home then and stay there!!! This is precisely why there is so much demand for and support of extremely tough immigration laws in America. We are tired of being victims of the very crime these illegals claim they came here to escape. You did the crime here, you do the time here, and if that means Death — you earned it: As ye sowed …..

 “Can you imagine the pain when Kelynn’s shoulder was hurt or his back or his arms or his hands?” said April Sikes, the Smith County Assistant District Attorney. “Can you imagine when he did all he could do and put his hands up, only to be kicked and hurt again? Can you imagine? When that first kick came to him, what did he think?” said Sikes. “’Stop hurting me. What did I do wrong? I’m sorry!’ Can you imagine the type of character it takes to let a two-year-old baby lay in the floor until he dies? My God! What kind of person does that?  I don’t care if he’s mannerly or not. That’s what makes him a monster. That’s what makes him sinister. He’s a baby killer!”

Ants. That’s all people — especially children — are to psychopaths and sociopaths. Ants.

Amusing and interesting one minute,

an expendable annoyance the next.

Gary Teen Sentenced in Two Rapes
March 11, 2010

An 18-year-old Gary man was sentenced to 24 years in prison for assaulting two young girls in separate incidents on their way to school, Lake County Prosecutor Bernard A. Carter announced today. Both attacks happened when the girls were grabbed at knifepoint while they were waiting for a school bus and dragged into nearby abandoned buildings.

Davon Dwayne Hall pleaded guilty Feb. 4, 2010, to criminal deviate conduct and child molestation. On March 18, 2010, Davon Hall was sentenced to 24 years in prison. As a convicted violent sexual offender, once released, he will be required to be monitored the rest of his life.

On Feb. 26, 2009, Hall attacked a 15-year-old Gary girl and on March 26, 2009, he attacked a 12-year-old girl. The older girl and the mothers of both girls testified at the sentencing hearing. The 15-year-old young lady informed the court she does not see herself as a victim because she is still alive, and while she does not want Hall to attack other girls she has forgiven him. She told Davon Hall throughout the rape that she was saving herself for God. She reiterated this on the witness stand.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Donald Ray Sparks, Jr., 20, was arrested Sunday, May 2, 2010, in the murder and rape of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter, Brelynn Nobles. Sparks, upon arrest, told police Brelynn fell while getting out of the bathtub but autopsy results show the two year old died as a result of massive internal trauma to her liver, spleen, and pancreas, in addition to vaginal and rectal tears and trauma with additional bleeding in the head and stomach.

Look at the above picture of Brelynn. You tell me who took the picture placed online that her attentive mommy — with three other kids and a fourth she wasn’t raising — considers this tear-stained perfect face to be normal? To not be an indiction of one damn thing wrong in this little girl’s life. As the mother of a raped boy, this photo makes me want to kill a whole lot of people!

I had a mother just exactly like Brelynn’s.


Donald Ray Sparks. Rape, Forcible Anal Sodomy, Murder of Girlfriend's 2-year- old daughter.

Sociopaths are Manipulative, Conning, Cunning, and Charming. They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behavior as permissible. They appear charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They always dominate and humiliate their victims. It is both a tool of power and erotica.

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