Prelude to Hell

“And will you profane Me among My people by killing people who should not die, and keeping alive those who should not live?” — Ezekiel 13:19


Nothing Has Changed . . .

During the six-year reign of terror by Hitler and his SS Death Squads, it is loosely estimated three million children were slaughtered in the Nazi SS Death Camps, over half at Ravensbruck, a Death Camp for women and children built atop a historical Jewish cemetery. Most of the children used in the medical “facilities” were under the age of twelve. Since they were too young and too frail for physical labor the children were used for medical and psychological torture.

Children were forced to eat their own feces or that of the death camp staff and the Nazi elite. They were starved. Forced to watch camp staff consume massive feasts they were denied and taunted with. Forced to perform sex acts in full view of all for a crust of bread the camp guard had used as toilet paper before the children were ushered in at machine gun point. Perhaps the guard would see fit to dangle a piece of beef or chicken or pheasant dripping in grease and crusty with seasonings and gravy in the child’s face then torment the child for long periods by pulling the food away from his mouth, slapping him for crying, for begging. Perhaps the guard would feel sorry for the starving child and hand him the food —- after he spit and urinated on it then forced the child to eat the desecrated meat.

Pork night in the camps was always good for hours of psychological torture of women and children. Highly knowledgeable in the Hebrew beliefs and practices, including those of kosher — the Hebrew word for “clean and sanitary” — food preparation. The Nazis were well aware pork was forbidden in the Orthodox Jewish diet. This is so because most swine are scavengers.

Garbage eaters.

If hungry enough, they will become cannibals. Most swine farms reek from raw sewage, often accumulated in trenches or ponds then ignorantly recycled as liquid fertilizer on gardens. Most swine farmers, up until recent history, allowed pigs to run loose in less than sanitary conditions. They were butchered in much the same way. Today’s health department regulations governing food preparation and the butchering of meats stem from Jewish kosher laws. Those laws and the Biblical food bans and restrictions were used against the Jews. So, on pork night in the camps, a massive spread would be prepared of food hoarded from both the German armies and the general population of The Motherland to insure the starvation of the filthy Jew swine.



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