Adopted: Hana

October 1, 2011, Sedro-Woolley, Washington

Hana Williams, age 12, murdered by adoptive white parents

Larry P. Williams and Carri D. Williams have been arrested and charged with the abuse murder of their 13 year old adopted daughter, Hana, who was found naked and face down in a mud puddle in the family’s back yard this past May.

Hana, adopted in 2008 by the Williams couple, was born into poverty in Ethopia and stood little chance of a life of much else, nor of one of longevity without intervention. Hana was beaten for minor infractions. She was starved, forced to shower outside, to sleep in a barn, and to use an outdoor toilet as punishment for being “rebellious”. No doubt rebelling against her abuse. In the United States, where young Hana was promised a life of love and happiness, of far better than she could have dreamed for in her native country, she was treated exactly the same.

The couples remaining children, all adopted, have been placed in temporary foster care. All have spoken to investigators and did not hesitate to speak of their own abuse nor that of their now dead sister Hana. Carri Williams told police they did not force Hana to remain outside. She chose to do so, one of her many “rebellious” actions. The couple are being held on $500,000 bond each.

The abuse of internationally adopted children has come to the forefront of the news in the past year, primarily concerning the adoption by American parents of Russian children. Of the 60,000 children adopted by primarily American parents over the past decade, there are only a dozen known cases of the children being returned or of being abused to death. Those statistics — given the horrendous epidemic of child abuse and homicide — are undoubtedly inaccurate.

The murder of Hana needs to create a furor as well. It also needs to slam home the need for more African-American adoptive parents and a tougher background investigation into the home life of the adoptive family. This invesitgation needs to include regular monitoring and one on one interviews with other children in the adoptive household. America’s social services agencies are coming under fire with moe regularity in the past two years as a direct result of such cases as that of Hana, and more public outrcry.

And still, Hana was regularly abused throughout her short stay in America, and no one heard her cries. No one but God.

And Hana is still dead. Now the other children have something to say. Now, the neighbors have something to say. Now, the school has something to say. Now, their pastor is dumbfounded. He thought the kids were so happy and obedient.

Soon, God will have something to say.

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