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Rilya Wilson, age 5. Murdered. CPS didn’t miss her for 16 months!


January 16, 2010

After nearly five years in prison — and ten years of having gotten away with murder and the concealment of a body — Geralyn Graham, 54, is expected to finally go to trial for the murder of Rilya Wilson. Her body has yet to be found even through at least two of her cell mates have stated Geralyn confessed to the murder and told them she buried the body near a lake that Rilya loved. It is now speculated that Rilya was actually murdered shortly after she arrived in the home of Geralyn Graham and her female lover in 2000 after being taken from a crack addicted mother.

Rilya also has a younger sister who, without the consent or knowledge of the court, was removed — finally from the home by the same case worker who claimed to the same judge to have visited the Graham home every month for 16 months and did not know that Rilya was “missing”. Several individuals who have been questioned and will testify for the prosecution in the schedulted fall trial state they attended a Christmas party in the Graham home in December, 2000, and Rilya was not present them.

When questioned, Geralyn Graham told them “friends” had taken her on a special vacation and they would not be returning until after the New Year. One story after another, even to CPS caseworkers, and no one cared.

While in prison, Geralyn Graham allegedly told her cellmate not only where she buried the child — and police never looked, citing the veracity of the cellmate as the reason why — and that she “had to put Rilya out of her misery. The child was possessed by demons and that became apparent when she refused to wear her angel Halloween costume and chose, instead, her Cleopatra costume. I had to end the demons then and there. I buried her beside the lake because water is a symbol of peace and cleansing. She is at rest now.”

The statement is no doubt the truth, meaning that Rilya was murdered less than 2 months after she arrived in the home of this “grandmotherly” couple. Since she would have only been a toddler then, how is it that she was being blamed for the choice of Halloween costumes she could not have purchased on her own? Someone bought them. I bet she was buried in the “angel costume”, wherever she was buried.

Police never brought in cadaver dogs. They did not do a property search, including of the properties of relatives. No one missed her nor reported her absence for nearly 2 years, and no one has found the mystery couple who took Rilya on her “special” Christmas vacation. Geralyn also told this cellmate, and others, that Rilya came to live with her after months of being sexually abused in a previous foster home — which CPS seems to have no record of.

They only possessed records of Rilya being brought to the home from the home of the birth mother. If she had indeed been sexually abused, then how is it CPS did not know? It is entirely possible “Hispanic friends” took her on a “special” vacation. Lots of kids have been sold into sexual slavery and prostituted, including over the internet. Most of whom have been within the foster care system as a result of abuse. Most of whom end up dead. Like Rilya.

Police did not bother to check out the vacation story, nor pull computers in case the child was being exploited, nor did they track down the birth mother — which was done after a headless body was found out of state. The body of another child, it turns out, like Rilya. Rilya’s mother’s DNA sample confirmed the child was not her missing daughter.

This case ultimately involved Jeb Bush and turned Florida CPS upside down and inside out, including from a judicial standpoint when it was discovered caseworkers were not reporting numerous issues to Family court and were, of their own accord, removing children, moving them around, returning them to homes, all without one moment of contact with Family Court nor with a court order.

Five years ago, about the same time Rilya went missing on vacation, a national story broke of Florida DHS having “several” convicted child predators working within their system and in actual possession of both physical records and computer access to records and documents. Because of the opennes  of Florida coastline and the waterways, Florida also has a high incidence of child trafficking in addition to narcotics trafficking. Their incidence of child homicide in relation to child prostitution and pornography has also risen at an alarming rate over the past five years.

Seems lots of African-American children are born possessed with demons which justifies their brutal murders and dismemberment. Another good damn reason for sterilization. If black children are born this evil, it is amazing their family members survived to perpetrate the crimes upon another generation of children.

Where’s the NAACP on all these homicide stories? On this racial violence? Where is Jesse Jackson’s loud mouth and press? Where is Amnesty International, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family? Oprah? Where were they before these kids got dead?

A Rose for Rilya

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